Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making a cargo elevator platform

Another day, another bit of hard labor on the Manufactorum. I made a little inset today to put behind the door as a raised factory floor. The PVA glue is still a bit wet on this pick, but it will dry up nicely I expect. Also featured on this picture is the grounded and beveled base of the building.

After that I basecoated the entire model in a mixture of PVA, Gresso and a bit of ochre coloring I had lying around (to keep track of where the basecoat was). I also added a few copper pipes to the front of the building (the crooked one is on straight as of now).

As I used up humongous amount of PVA to glue this monster in place I immediately used some of my rougher 'modeling sand' (IKEA sand) to give a first bit of dirty sanding on the floor. The heaps and heaps of sand on this picture will fall off when I turn the model upside down (which I will do after the glue has dried). Underneath the sand you can spot some bigger pieces of rubble I allready glued in place and the corner of the raised area.

The work on the building is getting progressively harder, especially because I'm working to quickly and therefore big parts of the building don't get a proper chance to dry. So I will be taking a day off from this work to give everything a chance to dry up.

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