Saturday, May 5, 2012

Painting the Warhammer 40K plasma generator

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening applying layers with my airbrush to the model (and to some Basilisks that have been waiting for their camo for quite some time). I spent quite a lot of time masking the cooling ribs. This is the stage right before the masking tape came into the equation.

I also painted the yellow/black striping on the roof and found a nice technique (imho) for the glowing blue plasma vats on the back of the machine. I also finished the basic paint job on the base so I could glue my model to it. And I covered the top of the wall with glue as it had an awful tendency to chip bits of plaster off. Hopefully this will stem the tide.

So now my building is at this stage and ready to be weathered as soon as the PVA glue dries. Man I hate waiting for PVA glue to dry....


I weathered the wall first. I started with Vallejo Sepia Wash then Vallejo black wash (these two are available in extra large sizes, which is very handy if you build a lot of scenery). After these washes I followed with a bit of Thrakka Green and finally with a glaze made from Catachan Green. I pool both the washes and the glaze at the bottom of the wall and then use an extra large brush to pull the wet paint (or wash) up.

After the wall it was time to wash a lot of crevasses and all the other bits of random plasticard I glued on to give some texture. I also gave all the pipes/power cables a black wash to make them stand out from the rest of the generator. I could have use a different color, but I rather like the way the blue of the plasma tanks captures the eye and I didn't want to ruin that effect by adding more color. I did use some Tin Bitz followed by an edge highlight of Dwarf Bronze to make some patches on the power cables indicating the paint has peeled off.

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