Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bloody hell! It's a Slaughter Priest!!

Who can say no to a free model (with the purchase of a venerable magazine). Although I thought the new White Dwarf managed to come just short of what I was looking for, the model was much appreciated albeit unpainted. That changed over the course of this week. I started experimenting with some new skin painting techniques that work quite nicely in my very humble opinion.

Following the blood god seems to work fantastically as an alternative to joining a local gym.
The armor started out as metal/silver and received a coat of Tamiya Clear Red to give it that extra blood for the blood god appearance. I cut the horns of his helmet in keeping with my campaign against horned helmets in my chaos army. In the end I decided on a grey/white freehand stripe on the front and the back of his loincloth to give it a bit extra style. I imagine he's wearing a stolen banner from a Slaaneshi or Tzeentchian warband. The blood on his weapons is Blood for the Blood God technical by Games Workshop. It looks almost the same as Tamiya Clear Red but is slightly thicker, making it easier to splatter around with an old brush.

I forgot to make a separate base for this model, so I ended up using Stirland mud on this one.

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