Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sacrifices on the go

The month of Tzeentch continues with the completion of my dedicated Chaos Warshrine. I love the idea of a floating viking longship carried aloft by mutated ogres.

The blue of the Tzeentch icon works rather well with the orange flames.
What I liked less about the model is the original driver. The model doesn't quite work for me on this vehicle so I tossed him into the bits box and used a Chaos Lord in its stead. The pose with the spear works rather well I think.

Have you got a minute to talk about Tzeentch, our lord of change and deceit?
I switched out his head with a (de-horned) Warrior of Chaos helm to give him a bit more sinister air.

I love the shape of this vehicle, it fits with the mutated and deranged viking aesthetic of the Warriors of Chaos.
All in all a nice model that will (hopefully) work just fine in enhancing my slowly expanding Tzeentch warband.

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