Friday, March 10, 2017

Painting the Age of Sigmar siege towers (part 4)

There is going to be a murder of posts today as I finished up the paintwork on my siege towers. To celebrate (and to show off) I made a separate series of 'narrative' photo's that will be posted in a second post. First the finished paint job.

You're facing the wrong way you idiots!
I started these two by priming them black.

Yes that is what black primer looks like. 
After the black I followed up with a layer of GW Mournfang Brown spray. I think Dryd Bark would have been nicer, but I had a rattlecan of Mournfang ready so Mournfang it was.

Add some Mournfang to the mix.
Next I opened my large tub of Sepia and used an awful (but big and cheap) Ikea brush to coat the two towers in Sepia.

Large tub of wash, large brush, quick results.
I had them dry on top of empty pots to make sure the wash did not cause any paper to stick to the towers.

Yes I like applying heavy washes.
After the ink dried I gave them an allround drybrush of Gorthor Brown (a nice grey-brown to age the wood a bit). I followed that up by getting carried away with life in general and completely forgot to take pictures (sigh). Fast forward a bit of drying time and I started testing out Modelmates Rust on the iron (plasticard) panels.

Modelmates Rust usually works like magic. Not today though....
That turned out to be a useless idea. It did not work at all. Back to the drawing board. When in doubt, use Typhus Corrosion. I whipped out my pot of the texture paint and covered the plates in it.

When in doubt, go for Typhus corrosion.
After allowing plenty of time to dry I gave all the plates a reasonably heavy drybrush of Leadbelcher.

Typhus Corrosion with a drybrush of Leadbelcher.
I followed up with a light drybrush of Deathclaw Brown to give it a brownish tint (and because I was feeling artistic and hip).

Add some subtle browns to the mix.
This was followed up by drybrushing, stipling, drybrushing some more, stipling some more and generally going wild with Ryza Rust. I understand some people hate this effect, but I love it.

Going wild with the Ryza Rust.
After the Ryza had plenty of time to dry, I added a splattered wash of Agrax to the plates and finished off with Nihilakh Oxide. I apply this putting a stripe on a plates and then using a second brush to fade it into the surroundings. I got so carried away with this I once again forgot to take pictures, but this is the end result.

And everything has come together. It is a rusty mess, but it is also nicely colorful (at least in my very humble opinion).
And here are the finished towers. Oh yeah, I drybrushed Leadbelcher on the top chains and mechanism and toned it down by adding Vallejo Smoke to it, it makes it look oiled rather then rusty (which would be a must for a mechanism should function at a rather bloody important moment (i.e. just before someone yells 'Charge!')).

The back of the siege towers, bravely approaching their first set of city walls.
Here is the back.

And a view from the top of the towers.
I'll call this project finished for now.

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