About me

Thanks for checking this page. I'm Merijn, also known as the author of this blog. I started playing pen and paper RPG somewhere in the mid-eighties. My first contact with Warhammer Fantasy Battle was around the mid-eighties with 3rd edition. Mostly collecting random miniatures for the game along with some Rogue Trader stuff. With 4th edition I bought a rather large army of Skaven and a Dark Elf army (that I recently sold off). Between 1995 and 2008 I went on a hobby hiatus with study, work and life in general getting in the wat. All that changed with 5th edition Warhammer 40K. I spotted the collectors edition and just had to have it. A single Ork vehicle was followed by an Eldar army, then Dark Angels and since then I have been an enthusiastic collector of all things grim and dark.

A rather overtly enthusiastic attempt at converting an Ork Battle Wagon
The Fantasy itch never really died of course (it just went into remission) until I discovered the excellent Oldhammer community through Orlyg's weblog Realm of Chaos '80s. Now there was a chance to strip old mini's and repaint them using a lot of expert advice by fellow grey-beard hobbyists. I still have some of my own old metal around that I paint from time to time and I love posting the results to the Oldhammer Facebook group.

Painting Oldhammer style models like Ruglud's Armoured Orcs is a real joy.
On to 2015 and the release of Age of Sigmar. I have a nice collectors edition copy of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition, but I never really could get into it. I like to many armies and I was not willing to buy all the army books, especially as they were not all updated to the new edition (and that is just something my collector's heart can't deal with). Enter Sigmar....

A new game Age of Sigmar, finally gave me a reason to collect even more Skaven.
...after a short nerdrage at the murder of the much loved Old World I went to the local Games Workshop to attend the launch of Age of Sigmar. It was love at fist sight. A nice foundation of basic rules expanded by unit specific rules and synergy between parts of armies. Emphasis on scenario's and narrative play. Add to that a basic rule-set for free and a lot of freedom to assemble an army, from a small warband to a gigantic warhost. It is quite cool, to say the least.

I took a quick detour from AoS to build a Mordheim table, Oldhammer style.
So I'm back assembling fantasy armies, but I'm also still working on 40K from time to time. Aside from armies a good wargame needs excellent terrain. That is why I build a lot of it. Some pre-made but most scratchbuild with some pre-made pieces in it.

Now for some orcs and goblins.
I started this blog to show off my work and keep a tab on my progress throughout. Who knows maybe someone can use this as inspiration or learn a new trick of the trade. If build something nice using this blog, have a question or a request, or just feel like letting me know you enjoy this blog, please let me know through the contact page.

A bit of Nurgle on the side makes everything alright (\this just goes to show that rhyming is not very useful).

As an aside: If you wish to use some of my text, photos on my blog or any combination, please ask in advance. All images and texts are made by me, I love to share, but I do retain my copyrights on it. So drop me a line before borrowing.

Don't get an unpleasant visit from a Great Unclean One (or worse a lawyer), ask before you borrow.

I hope you enjoy the blog I've created.