Monday, September 26, 2016

The Conquest of Crawling Swamp, Part 1

With the help of the new General's Handbook I've set-up a three- (or four-) part Age of Sigmar campaign where the forces of Order&Death fight those of Chaos&Destruction. Our opening battle was based on one of the missions in the Age of Sigmar Realmgate Wars books wherein both sides want to push a storm of magic to the opponents table half. This mission can be helped by bringing priest type characters to the fight and most of all by wounding or killing the enemy general. We played this mission with ten players in total (five to each side). To find out who won, just read the comic here (or download the pdf).

Next episodes:

The Conquest of Crawling Swamp, Part 2

The Conquest of Crawling Swamp, Part 3

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Leper Messiahs join my Nurgle warbandI II

For me the trouble with Chaos is making decisions. I actually would like to have five armies, one dedicated to each of the major gods (with daemonic support of course) and a group of undivided Slaves to Darkness. As I also have ambitions to paint just about every other army in Age of Sigmar and 40K this will probably not happen for quite some time. For now though I have a group of ten warriors ready to fight for Grandfather Nurgle.

*wheeze* *wheeze* Plagues for the *cough* <damn flies> Plague God! (It's not easy being a Chaos Warrior).
I dubbed them the Leper Messiahs because I've always intended to name some Chaos units after favorite metal songs. Before painting this group started out as undivided or maybe Tzeentch or Slaanesh or Nurgle. I actually painted one of the cloaks blue before deciding on Nurgle as it fits in better with the rest of the warband I've been working on for the past weeks.

I didn't like way the horn seemed impossible to blow when lifted to a helmet, but I did not want to give these guys faces to go along with a bit of a faceless mob thing my warband has going on. So I carefully scraped the hand of horn and glued it to the belt.
Their armor is a rather clean for a group of Nurgle warriors so maybe I'll go back with some Sepia and Earthshade washes and perhapes a dab of the Modelmates rust. On the other hand, it contrasts nicely with the rough look of the Blight Kings.

"Hmmm a delivery for six hundred yards of sickly green cloth you say? Are you quite sure you're not a nefarious Chaos General?"
The whole unit was a bit of a test to see how quickly I can paint an entire unit of Chaos Warriors. This took me Tuesday evening with the airbrush and a Sunday-afternoon for the rest. So I should be able to expand this unit as time goes on and I start feeling inclined to purchase more of these plastic chaos warriors.

Having some fun with rust here.
The last bit is still an open question as the kit itself is not very exciting. It lacks options for posing and for getting very creative with bits from other sets. On the other hand, it is very nice to be able to add to a unit quickly. We'll see. For those who wonder, yes I did cut the horns of the helmets off. I still think it would be silly for a serious warriors to give the enemy something to grab. Not pictured in this update the Khorne models from the Age of Sigmar starter set (also without horns). I'll be spending some time with those guys and a few random models that I ordered (or found in the shed). For now here is a last shot of the banner (which I'm not entirely happy with but well it is finished).

I felt like just sloshing on a bit of paint to freehand the banner. Unfortunately the lack of care and planning shows :s

Monday, September 12, 2016

Enter the Putrid Blight Kings

This weekend I finished painting my unit of Putrid Blight Kings. I should say first unit because after painting these models I really want another set of them. So much fun, so many option, so incredibly disgusting. As an extra honorary member of the unit I also painted a Plague Lord. This guy and the plastic Cairn Wraith are two of my favorite miniatures launched by GW in the past ten years. I really want another one, just to do some interesting conversions on it.

We heard the tea was ready and thought we should drop in.
In the back my oversized banner bearer is just visible. I like huge banners as a nod to the old school warhammer feel. In this case I actually attempted to drawy all the imagery of the banner by hand on a piece of paper (in stead of 'borrowing' a design and printing it lightly before painting).

Now that is what I call a reasonably sized banner.

In the end I'm reasonably happy althoiugh I will use a few stronger colors on my next baner to tie it together. The three head form a Nurgle symbol but are so muted you can't see it from tabletop height. I had some fun using the Realm of Chaos - The Lost and the Damned book for inspiration. Also the runes on the banner are all from the pages listing Chaos Runes.

Front rank in focus!

Rear rank in focus!
Next up I should finish my Daemon Pince. I also have some regular Chaos Warriors on sprue, but I think these are rather neat and static for use in a Nurgle host. I also have rather a large collection of Khorne types lounging around so perhaps I should make a quick leap to that force and add some raging psychopaths to my horde. Throughout whatever I end up painting however is another big project. More on that later on.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ebolax the Great marches for Rotwater Blight

With a last few finishing touches complete Ebolax the Great, sorcerer of Nurgle is ready to march to Rotwater Blight.

It's over there, everyone!
I had a real blast painting (and repairing) this model that I bought second hand. It had a missing hoof that has been replaced by cannibalizing an old undead horse.

Bringing out the screaming faces in the wood required some careful drybrusing.
For this model I tried to use a lot of extremely watered down colors to put in different shades. The horses skin lesions and the edges of the exposed skull have been washed with different watered down washed and red or pink paints. The Nurgle rune on the back was then accentuated by using P3 Magenta and working up from there.

The raven has red eyes, so there is no mistaking that he is evil.

The metals and the Scythe started out as Leadbelcher receiving heavy washes of Agrax Earthshade and Gryphonne Sepia. The edges where highlighted with watered down P3 Cold Steel. And as a final touch I stippled on some Modelmate Rust. The mushrooms on the base where produced by supergluing a split pea on a cocktail stick and cutting it to size. Getting a brown mushroom color is surprisingly easy. Just paint the mushroom Ushabti Bone let it dry and then appy a large dollo of Agrax Earthshade on top. I will try to bring some variance in mushroom color on my other bases.

Monday, September 5, 2016

It came from the (hell) pit...

Skaven and Nurgle mix so nicely it is a wonder they haven't been formally joined as forces earlier (aside from some random rolls on the warband table in Realm of Chaos). Over the weekend I got started on painting my putrid blight kings and daemon prince, but finished this Hell Pit Abomination.

So many heads, so few victims....
I wanted a look of diseased flesh that had been stripped of its fur so I went for an interesting mix of GW and Vallejo skin tones, mixed with a subtle bit of P3 Traitor Green. After the basic layers I used a few coats of diluted wash to coax a bit more detail out and finished by airbrushing some colorful yellow, greenish, brown and pink accents on the skin and around anything that looks like a boyl.

I cut off the Dwarven Pillar on the right claw to make the models base fit with the rest of my armies.
I painted the crude stitching white (because it stands out better against the purple wash then black). As can also been seen in this picture, I had a lot of fun painting the smaller rats,

Ingredients: claws, heads, appendages and warpstone. Lots and lots of warpstone.
During construction I opted for the metal arm that is jammed into the flesh so I could give a few red glazes to simulate infection a go. Seems to work. Most of the metallic parts started out as a very bright silver (P3 Cold Steel). I gave it heavy washes of Agrax Earth Shade and Gryphone Sepia and stipled some Modelmate Rust on to to give it a - shall we say - more worn down look.

I don't really like the bottom wheel on this model and briefly considered taking it off and closing the hole with greenstuff, but decided against it because I feared it would make the top machine look strangely out of place.
The warpstone spikes are layerd with Vallejo Heavy Green, P3 Iosan Green and P3 Necrotite Green. After this had dried I added a strategic dab of  Vallejo Green Fluorescent. The tail was glazed with Cadian Fleshtone followed by a Reikland Flesh wash and highlighted with Cadian Fleshtone and Menoth White Highlight (as was the body of the abomination).

Buddy! Come here boy! Fetch! *Glorp* *Glorp* *Glorp* (we need to work on that bark, stitch a dog to it!)

All in all a nice monster to add to both my Nurgle warband and my Skaven army. Now to make up a name for it...ehm....I'll dub you 'Buddy'.