Friday, December 25, 2020

A third Screaming Bell rolls onto the scene

Christmas 2020 is upon us and I have a little lot of time reserved to get down to some serious painting. Before the new models pile up I had to get this one photographed and put on the blog. I actually completed this Screaming Bell a few weeks ago, but as I wanted to actually be able to take some time off during the holidays, didn't have the time to photograph it. Anyway, here's my third Screaming Bell in all its glory.

As an aside this marks the second model I've based on an laser cut MDF base. I should do a post about those somewhere in the future.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Bloodbath at Orruk's Drift test scenario #1 Kachas Pass

As far as I'm concerned the best wargames are narrative games. This year I planned to slap Oldhammer and Age of Sigmar together and reimagine a classic. Unfortunately grandfather Nurgle's 2020 tour made it irresponsible to host a day of group gaming. On the plus side it gave me time to actually polish my scenario. To take it up one notch (and because we can safely have limited contact again) I actually tested the first scenario. Now there's a first. Here's some ramblings about applying old school wargaming to new rulesets. 

With a roar the invading Skaven horde stormed the stockade manned by two units of Dark Elves and their commander.