Friday, March 27, 2020

Finishing my maniple with Warhound titans and Cerastus Knights

Now here's something that almost never happens. After this week I can safely state that I've painted
all models I bought! To be sure for Adeptus Titanicus. But still, quite an (unexpected) accomplishment. The last models I had on sprue were these two Warhound titans and two Cerastus Knights.

Two Warlord Class scout titans march onto the field.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Two Reaver Titans join my expanding maniple

Well there's one thing that really can't be argued: quarantine is an effective lead-/resin-/plastic-pile remedy. This weekend I sat down and finished two Reaver Titans to expand my Legion Ignatum maniple. Only two Warhounds and two Cerastus Knights left and my entire Adeptus Titanicus collection will have been painted (I'm ignoring five Ork flyers from Aeronautica Imperialis). Here's a shot of the two Reaver Titans.

Excuse me was that container yours? 

Monday, March 16, 2020

Aeronautica Imperialis fighters join my epic army

With the Coronavirus in full swing, and living in an epicenter, I have some extra reasons not to leave the house. Oh dear what to do with all my time (aside from keeping a cooped up 4 year old more or less entertained)? You guessed it, more painting! Aside from Adeptus Titanicus I also picked up the new Aeronautica Imperialis Wings of Vengeance set. I never really played this game, but as it might just be made compatible with Adeptus Titanicus I couldn't resist the starter box. This weekend I painted the Imperial Navy fighter wing that's in it.


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

A second Warlord Titan and six Questoris Knights join Legio Ignatum

Did I ever mention my love of Epic and Adeptus Titanicus? I can't stop painting these models. But I'll have to for a bit as I've finished the contents of the Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master edition (except for a few buildings). A second Warlord Titan has joined my first, extra weapon options have been painted and I've finished the six Questoris knights in the box. I've also added transfers and some extra paint splotches to my first Warlord. All in all, I should get around to reading the rules now...

My two Legio Ignatum Warlords and their Knightly friends.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The earth rumbles as Warlord Titans of Legio Ignatum arrive

When news of the return of Adeptus Titanicus hit, I was overjoyed. I played a lot of Epic way back when the original Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine boxes were new. And even though the rules were a bit hokey, it was a lot of fun. Then the box actually came out and I took a step back as it was about twice the price I had figured on. Also GW told me at Warhammer Fest no infantry was planned for the next five years. This helped me make my will power save versus buying the box for the next two years. I finally failed last month. And I have to say I've never been so happy to fail a saving throw in my life. Here's a shot of my first titan.

Stomp, stomp, stomp, said the Warlord Titan's feet.