Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Building a Warhammer 40K Tactica Control

After completing my Plasma Generator I was planning to go back to Sketchup and design the next building. But as all my hobby stuff was just lying around anyway and I only had little bits of foamboard left, I decided to just start cutting and gluing and see where I would end up. I started out with a picture of the Tactica Control from Dawn of War.

So I replicated the support pieces and tried some different angles to see if I could space the building correctly.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finished the Warhammer 40 Dawn of War Plasma Generator

So here it is, another project done. Now the question is do I continue with the Dawn of War copies, might be fun to make a base to fill the table with. Or do I go for one of the other project ideas I have. One thing is sure, I will need to buy more 5mm foamboard, more 3mm foamboard and more blades (foamboard eats blades).

Painting the Warhammer 40K plasma generator

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening applying layers with my airbrush to the model (and to some Basilisks that have been waiting for their camo for quite some time). I spent quite a lot of time masking the cooling ribs. This is the stage right before the masking tape came into the equation.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Grandfather Nurgle lends an (un)helpful hand

This part of the project brought quite a few fascinating mistakes, some Nurglesque spillage and one or two good things.

As I left off last time I was about to cut the rear platform to size because I thought it too big. Before doing that, I decided to go to the local store with random cheap stuff (or as it is known around here, the Action) and found these bottles of 'Glitter Glue' if only my Eldar army was unfinished......

You can't call yourself a true Dire Avenger if there are nog glitters on your uniform!