Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Prince Imrik rides forth again

A while back I found yet another mystery bag in my box of old miniatures. I upended the contents and out rolled an original Prince Imrik. That was a stroke of fortune (well to be honest I was looking for old High Elves to add to my Lumineth, but lets ignore that bit and focus on the sheer surprise ;) ). Long story short (yes I cut and pasted a too long intro that was originally here): Prince Imrik rides forth again. 

"I walk through the Dreaming Halls and I feel change in the wind. In the rhythm of their slumber, I see omens. Minaithnir tells me that he, too, feels his brethren swimming towards consciousness." <- hint hint GW, please make more dragon riding High Elves Lumineth

Monday, April 26, 2021

The Eagles are coming!

 Back in 2017 I got started on rebuilding the Grudge of Drong scenario for a new age. Part of my then attempt was painting up enough High-Elves to have a fully painted army that matched the one in the campaign pack. That meant I needed three Great Eagles. I got them and then never applied a proper paint job. That changed this weekend. So I can finally join Bilbo and Pippin and state: "The Eagles are coming!"

No clue why, but I think a High Elf army cannot call itself complete without adding at least a few Great Eagles.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Bloodthirster of Khorne, Beastman Shaman and Ajjatahr the rotting dryad

I recently had one of those wonderful moments where a friend drops by with some old models and says: “do you have a use for these or should I bin them?" Never bin your models people, just give them to someone who owns a vat of Biostrip. Lets just start with a shot of a metal Bloodthirster of Khorne. I weighed him in at 250 grams of solid metal. If you lose the battle you can knock your opponent out with this model (but that will cost you sportsmanship points ;) ).

I made his lolling tongue and gums stand out by first painting (and highlighting) yellow and applying Tamiya Clear Red over it. I gave it more depth by applying Blood for the Blood God in the recesses. 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Sword Masters of Hoeth or Vanari Bladelords? You decide!

New High Elf Lumineth models keep pouring out of GW, and my brand new army book has been rendered obsolete faster than actual play was possible. A new record. Anyway, with the new wave of models a unit called Vanari Bladelords has appeared. I have to admit I'm rather enamored by the new models, but I did have these Sword Masters of Hoeth on the paint station already. So I painted them up anyway. Bladelords or Sword Masters, they've been painted and that's what really counts.

"What are we?" 
"Sword Masters!" "Bladmasters!"
"No Sword Masters!!!" "No not at all!!!!" 
"Just shut up and wave your blades around like you mean it!!!"