Tuesday, September 10, 2019

First fukushima kami-crazy Madboy finished

Painting a miniature that has suffered a few decades of neglect always feels special. This classic Space Ork Madboy is the first of three I've entered into a competition and I'm quite satisfied with him.
I just had to add a modern oversized Space Ork shoota to this model. In case of Orks bigger is better. 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Painting Ork Madboyz step one: Warhammer 40K style Industrial basing for impatient people

My hobby painting got slightly delayed by a major real-life project. I had to build a 1:1 scale shed after a fire wrecked the previous one. Aside from that activity I've got a lot of half finished projects (including some playing around with contrast paints) crowding my painting station and no real inclination to finish anything. Time to end this lazy attitude! Luckily a painting competition was announced on the Oldhammer Community group on Facebook. The mission: to paint Bob Olley sculpts. In other words a call to start a small project with a tight deadline (for painting purposes). Now that sounds like a lot of fun.

Joining a painting competition on the Old Hammer Community is a bit foolhardy. The best painters not actively working as pro-painters tend to hang out here (in my very humbly opinion).

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Ruin's End, a Warhammer Fantasy 4th Campaign, session 5 - Bum Rush

Having just infiltrated the Skaven hive, the group looked proudly at the corpses of its guards. With three doors to choose from, only one question remained: which one would they open?

I should most definitively include a plague priest riding a giant rat somewhere in the campaign.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Ruin's End, a Warhammer Fantasy 4th Campaign, session 4 - A pimply romance

After stealing Dietmar's diary from the Von Bruner mansion all members of the party returned to Rosalinde's apartments. After a quick discussion they decided to follow up on the threats urging them to meet an unknown party around midnight at the Teufeltal Gate. Wishing to survive the night, the group decided to scout the location first. Drett had to stay behind, suffering from a fresh bout of Estellian Stomach Flue.

Sir 'not appearing in this gaming session'

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A lone plastic orc

Not all painting projects need to be massive. This lone plastic orc orruk rolled off of a shelf as I was cleaning out the shed. I suspect it has been gathering grime and dust since 1993. I vaguely recall selling of a small lot of these, keeping this one because painting a single monopose orc is fun (while painting a regiment slightly less so).

I've got a new semi-photobooth set up at home, making it even easier to snap some pictures of my models. Now to add to my collection of terrain.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Ruin's End, a Warhammer Fantasy 4th Campaign, session 3 - Forbidden knowledge

At the end of the previous episode laywer Drett and magister Ronja gained acces to the library in the Temple of Sigmar. Tillman the witch had kept a wise distance from the same place and was taking care of the sick dwarf watchman Gorgor. Priest of Sigmar Barnard was asking his colleagues in the same temple about their dreams.

I worked hard on this mostly unused location map.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Making leaves out of leaves

After my previous post on shaking paints with a Nail Lacquer Shaker I thought I'd do another review/tutorial combo. In this case making leaves out of leaves. I'm planning to base a future army on autumn style bases. That would require leaves and these can really cripple your bank account if bought to scale. Luckily you can just press your own with the same tools scrapbookers use.

The pink and purple punches where cheap, the yellow punch works.