Saturday, November 28, 2020

Classic Screaming Bell painted up and ready to go

"The Screaming Bell is one of the most fearsome creations of the insane Warlock Engineers." With those words GW introduced a large, chariot-like model for the Skaven. To my surprise that was in 1993. I thought the model was older. I remember having the budget back then to get either a Screaming Bell, a Doom Wheel or a Verminlord. As my standard opponent was fielding a Great Unclean One at the time, I picked the Verminlord (and I restored the model a while back). With a recent lucky find on a second hand website I've been able to finally add a classic Screaming Bell to my collection.

Come to think of it, this bell is quite on time for Christmas this year.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Gaslands Refuelled - Mayhem to the Max (and some Gaslands scenery building tips)

 After the first testgame of Gaslands my entire miniature hobby made a 'bootlegger's turn' and screeched into a 'mod your own Hot Wheels overdrive'. Luckily it had the same effect on my brother. This Saturday we went for another match. He made some of his own cars, I updated my scenery and even my wife joined in on the fun. Explosive fun as it turned out. 

I made a billboard by glueing some bits of plasticard together and adding a print from the Futurama's  favorite drink Slurm.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Gaslands test game - Wipe Out on the Kitchen Table

 Last year I got a bit carried away converting hot wheels size cars to the Dark Future/Mad Max aesthetic. After trying my hand at recreating the Dark Future road tiles (and a bit of looking around on the internet) I discovered Osprey Publishing had a much nicer looking ruleset called Gaslands. I picked up a copy of the book, bought some laser cut counters and rulers from a third party, and then promptly never got around to actually playing the game...until this weekend. Finally I had my first post apocalyptic demolition derby I dubbed: Wipe Out on the Kitchen Table.

I started my first game throwing a supercar into high gear, losing control and promptly wiping out in front of both enemy vehicles' front ranging guns.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Nighthaunt's Lady Olyder arrives to complete the court

This weekend I divided my attention between painting a full unit of Die Hard skeletons (not finished yet) and random models around my painting station. One of these was Lady Olynder, the queen of the Nighthaunt. I am rather happy to say that I've completed her paint job.

Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief, wobbles in to join my Nighthaunt Army.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Lumineth Realm Lords Light of Eltharion

Between work and my oldest turning five and having his first party, I've had a bit of a busy month. Still in the background I am painting a number of different project. One of those are the new High Elves Lumineth Realm Lords. I am not entirely on board with the humongous horn-helmets of other troops. But the spearmen, cavalry and archers look amazing. As does the floating armor called the Light of Eltharion. I decided to ignore the painting example in the book and try something new (for me at least): a galaxy style cloak. 

I forgot to paint the scabbard when I took the picture, but remedied that at a later point (I just painted a few bits black(ish) and picked out a few details in gold to be honest).

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Die Hard Chaos General, Witch & some friends

With the Townscape complete, I finally have room on my desk to get back to painting miniatures. As a starting of point I decided to give a few special models extra attention before getting back to my usual army painting shtick. Front and center where two models from an order I placed with Die Hard Miniatures. Lets get started with my brand new Chaos General. 

A wonderful sculpt by Die Hard and, thanks to the latest General's Handbook, I can make an appropriate AoS warscroll for him.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

My Warhammer Townscape is complete

After a rather dismal failure involving a Killa Kan project last year I decided to cheer myself up by building the old Warhammer Townscape from foamboard and coffee stirrers. To be honest I did not think I would see this project through to the finish. But as of this weekend, I can proudly say I did. There I said it: I finished the Warhammer Townscape. Its also a bit more terrain than I'll ever need for a single game :)

"This is madness!"
"Madness? This is Frugelhofen!"