Thursday, April 1, 2021

Sword Masters of Hoeth or Vanari Bladelords? You decide!

New High Elf Lumineth models keep pouring out of GW, and my brand new army book has been rendered obsolete faster than actual play was possible. A new record. Anyway, with the new wave of models a unit called Vanari Bladelords has appeared. I have to admit I'm rather enamored by the new models, but I did have these Sword Masters of Hoeth on the paint station already. So I painted them up anyway. Bladelords or Sword Masters, they've been painted and that's what really counts.

"What are we?" 
"Sword Masters!" "Bladmasters!"
"No Sword Masters!!!" "No not at all!!!!" 
"Just shut up and wave your blades around like you mean it!!!"

Friday, March 26, 2021

Lumineth Realm-Lords Vanari Dawn Riders, Auralan Wardens and classic High-Elves

My last post ended with five Vanari Dawn Riders slowly sinking into the Biostrip-dip. This post, I'm can happily report the same five have been scrubbed, cleaned, primed and painted in more proper colors. I'll start with their new paint job and then give you an overview of a bunch of my new Lumineth models as well as some older High Elf models kicking around in my cabinets. With another unit currently on the paint station I most definitely am in a Asur Lumineth state of mind. 

The sheltering shade of the forest calling come in silence. Accompanied only by the full moon howling of a night wolf....

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A few simple Warhammer/AoS terrain pieces: crumbling earthworks and a rickety tower

Testing the Linden Way scenario, the third skirmish that leads up to Bloodbath at Orruk's Drift, is in my foreseeable future. As I had to speedily rearrange my table the last two test games I decided to actually check if I could feature the Linden Way hamlet on a modern table. It took a bit of shuffling with buildings, but it worked. One thing was missing: some crumbling earthworks to cap off the entrance. No worries, I took some coffee stirrers and polystyrene and went to work. Here's the result.

Karl-Franz junior (no relation) was about to empty the 'morning ablutions' bucket when the silent Skaven killer struck...

Monday, February 22, 2021

A Die Hard liche, some Chaos Sorcerers, an Orc and a gladiator walk into a bar...

Sorry for the awful headline. I did not get around to a lot of painting over the weekend as my brother convinced me to give Elite: Dangerous a few more hours of my life. This game balances utter boredom with the anticipation that something wonderful is about to happen (I did glob a few extra jots of paint on some Lumineth that have been standing around on the desk since forever). Anyway, I'll use this as a chance to show a few models I painted earlier this year but never shared on my blog. Lets start with more Die Hard Miniatures awesomeness: Melcor the Liche

I originally painted his eyes red, switching to glowing green was a very good decision. 

Monday, February 15, 2021

What is the consistency of milk? (And other airbrushing questions for miniature painters)

A recent comment concerning airbrushing and miniatures triggered some pretty unpleasant memories from when I started out with the great clogging cash-eater (also known as an airbrush). As I painted mostly stand-alone miniatures the past few days I thought I might as well type a blog with some airbrushing answers I couldn’t find when I was starting out. Hell, let’s turn it into a semi-faq for when your spoken faq is spelled slightly differently (usually with paint on your face due to the umpteenth clog in your airbrush). Shall we start with the consistency of milk perhaps? 

Am I supposed to go for whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed or 1% milk? 

Friday, February 12, 2021

I resurrected three ancient Skeleton Army chariots (bonus oil washing tutorial at the end of this post)

As you sink deeper into the madness some of us call the 'wargaming hobby', you start accruing more unpainted miniatures, second hand models and random bits than you can keep track of. By now I'm far enough removed from the shores of sanity to occasionally find a box or zip-lock bag that I can't even remember storing. Recently a pair of bags turned out to contain skeletons, skeletal horsemen and chariots from the venerable Skeleton Army boxed set. I couldn't resist restoring three chariots. 

When they said 'ride eternal, shiny and chrome' this was not what I expected.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Nagash arrives (and he is gigantic)

Last Christmas I gave you my heart and the very next day Nagash arrived. Oh dear its February and I'm still stuck with that horrible Christmas earworm. On the plus side, I did actually build and paint Nagash over the Holidays. I just never got around to properly photographing him. The model is absolutely massive. Lets put him at the Flugelhöfen gatehouse and put Krell en Kemmler in frame with him for scale.

Ha! Two maniacal undead monsters in one summoning Kemmler cackled...seconds later Nagash relieved him of command.