Monday, March 18, 2019

I've seen the future (and its dark)

This weekend I went for another proverbial arm sweep over the hobby desk and got started on a long held ambition: getting back into Dark Future (or maybe getting into Gaslands). I may have dropped the occasional hint of liking Mad Max (style) movies. For those who missed it: I like Mad Max (style) movies. My favorite used to be Mad Max 2: the Road Warrior, but Fury Road has left that one eating dust. Weather beaten, heavily modified and gun toting cars chasing each other through the skeletons of society. All that needs is a soundtrack by Slayer, but I digress...On to the hobby part, here's my first converted car for the project.


Thursday, March 14, 2019

Carrion Empire, the narrative part

On the previous gaming night a fellow club member (hi Marc!) and I decided to play the narrative missions that come with the new (and by now discontinued) Carrion Empire boxed set. There where multiple reasons for this. First and foremost being that we both like a good laugh and a narrative game. Second he has a Flesh Eater Courts army and I have a Skaven army. Third was curiosity. With all due respect to the hardworking developers, the average mission pack released for AoS is (to put it mildly) not very good. We had a previous laugh at the terrible AoS Skirmish missions (and got a good piano-based grudge match out of it). This box even has counters to use with the missions. It had to be tried. So without further ado: here's my report of the mini-campaign featured in Carrion Empire.

Getting started on mission 2 of Carrion Empire. As you can see the lighting in our gaming club is not conducive to good photography.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A fresh Warplock Bombardier and yet another Warpfire Thrower added to my horde

My brand new Warplock Bombardier, currently part of the Carrion Empire set, has been covered in paint and is ready to go through the scenario's that come with the box later this week. I have to admit I'm not very impressed with its special abilities (on paper) but the sculpt is cool enough to compensate for it. Just look at the little maniac cackling!

Also making a debut: photo backdrop 2.0.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Skaven, Skaven everywhere, and the leadpile it did shrink

This weekend our family calendar was empty, giving me a full two days to paint (occasionally interrupted by acknowledging the existence of fore mentioned family of course ;). Unfortunately I decided to play a quick game* of Total War II with the Skaven to get into the spirit of things. This cost me most of my Saturday. So Sunday I subjected myself to a stern inner monologue, sat down and spent the day with (air-)brushes, water and Skaven. I decided to forego 'focus on finishing a unit' and instead went for an 'anything you feel like painting at that minute' type of session. The net result is one finished group and a lot of half to three quarters finished models (and one glorious Sunday).
* works out as well as a fast round of Civilization...

Completely finished, and it only took me a bit over 25 years!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Trouble in Teufeltal sessions 8, 9 and 10 - White Wolves, Waaghs and Vampires

As I never got around to translating and posting the last sessions, I've decided to post the entire wrap-up of my first Warhammer Fantasy 4th campaign in one go.

Session 8 - The White Wolf Lodge
After the party was saved by ladies they thought where in distress, they moved on to the White Wolf Lodge. Fortunately one of the escape tunnels from Lady DeBlanc's School for Ladies led almost straight to the border between Bretonnia and the Empire and the White Wolf lodge building sitting atop it. Just as fortunate was the meeting with their comrade Drett. After shaking off his Estelian stomach flue he had decided to randomly search the party at this location.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Skaven warlord on brood horror and some classic Plague Monks

I should've known the Gutter Runners where just a vanguard heralding more Skaven to come. That and the new Battle Tome. It restores the Skaven to their own backstabbing and conniving version of unity. I love it. I haven't had time to get a game in with my Skaven, but just seeing all the clans back together is a treat in itself. Over the course of this weekend I focused on finishing two units that had been getting some on and off again attention over the past few weeks. The first unit is a Skaven warlord on Brood Horror by Forge World and the second is a group of twenty classic Plague Monks. Lets start off with the Warlord, I should say Clawlord on Brood Horror (although Forge World hasn't updated the warscroll just yet).

Now there is someone I wouldn't want to invite over for dinner.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Skaven Gutter Runners and a new photo backdrop

This month I crowded my paint station with Eldar with a few sneaky Skaven among them, just for fun. The arrival of the new Skaven Battle Tome, natural Skaven sneakiness and my inability to stay focused for extended periods of time, has caused a few changes. The number of Skaven on my paint station seem to be rapidly multiplying. I also had a lot of fun with some side projects, but more on that later. Lets start of with five freshly painted Skaven Gutter Runners.

Quick quick, sneak sneak kill the...eeek! Big target run! Aaargh! </projected future battlefield actions>