Thursday, February 20, 2020

Expanding my horde of cannibal Bretonnians

Recently I got started on a new army of Bretonnians painting a small band of five serfs and their lord Vicomte Pascal D'ascii. Sharp eyed readers may have noticed my army does not quite match the usual expectations when it comes to these feudal fighters of the Old World. That's true. I'm actually painting a Flesh Eater Court army. Deranged cannibals living in a shared delusion of noble grandeur. Recently I added a fresh batch of monsters to this army.
Have no fear, the noble knights of the realm are here!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Freshly painted Fir Bolg skeletons

Last year I painted the Nightmare Legion. This classic skeleton 'regiment of renown' has seen quite a number of (very modern AoS) battles since. Aside from bringing me waves of happy nostalgia, it also brought an advantage of metal skeletons to light: they don't fall apart when subjected to my rather cavalier approach to transport. With that in mind I tried hunting down more members for the Nightmare Legion. Unfortunately people tend to seriously overprice old miniatures, especially when they know you're searching for them Maybe I'll get lucky and find affordable extra Nightmare Legion troopers, or one of these two units someday. As that day may never come, I decided to find different suppliers for metal skeletons. My fist interesting find was this unit produced by Brigade Models for their Celtos Fir Bolg line.

A group of 22 Fir Bolg skeletons reporting for duty to Nagash.