Monday, February 13, 2023

Resin 3D-printing for wargaming FAQ 1.0

Time flies. I got my first resin 3D-printer last year and have been toying around with it ever since. I have to say: it is a tool with a learning curve. Last week I added a second 3D-printer to my hobby arsenal, for reasons I'll go into below. Combined with the new 'climate controlled environment' (my 3D-printing tent ;) I'm getting better results and I find myself spending less time scraping resin gunk off reservoirs and more time looking at successful prints. With that I thought it was about time to write a first 'Resin 3D-printing for wargamers FAQ'. Let's go for it.

I printed the Dragon Crest space ship that is part of the Outpost Origin's collection.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Is this the way to A-a-altdorf? Every night I've been hugging my pet Dwarf

"Dreaming dreams of A-a-a-altdorf, and sweet Marie who waits for me." My apologies, occasionally the result of a slightly extended paint project makes me break out in a ghastly song and dance routing. The Glottkin fits that bill for me. You could say this is one of the last Warhammer Fantasy models ever produced as the Nurgle aligned triplet was in part responsible for the destruction of the Old World. I can't hold it against them. For one: the End Times' source books are just too cool (the novels...that's another story). Second the background on Glottkin is quite interesting, and third they make for extremely entertaining bad guys in the current AoS stories. Anyway let's start with a shot of the model.

"Brother three shall bring low the Empire of Man," you can say that again!

Monday, February 6, 2023

Classic Space Ork Battle Wagon

One of the best gaming supplements ever written - as far as I'm concerned - is Waaargh the Orks. After fleshing out Chaos in the venerable Realm of Chaos books GW decided to really keep going and give their Space Orks some background. I bought the book way back when it came out in 1991. Even though I curse the decision to give it pre-punched holes for a binder and forsake any glue for the cover I still love it. I even attempted to start a Space Ork army way back then (and sold of most of my models over the years). One of the things I never bought when it came out was a classic Space Ork Battle Wagon (I couldn't scrape the funds together for a full mail order and there was no GW point of sales within reach way back then (and no internet*). Thanks to the miracles of 3D-printing I now have one. Obviously it had to be covered in paint as quickly as possible. No need to paint it red, you don't have to go fasta' when you'z got lots'a teef!

* A horrifying thought, I know

"Fasta' you zogs! We needz'ta leave! 'Oo knows what'll happen when two weirdboyz call shotgun at da same time."