Thursday, February 23, 2017

Making paleontologists cry since 2017

Yesterday I had an entire evening to give over to the hobby. And with the bases I made over lunch mostly dry I could take some of my plastic dinosaur bones and rearrange them in interesting new shapes to cover the bases.

Interesting find, I'll call this species the Coversavous Terrificus.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Badlands scatter terrain, aka: sticking sand to wargame terrain bases

If you ask me any good terrain set has a nice selection of scatter terrain to go with it. Just some smaller bases that make te table look interesting and give (AoS) units a +1 cover save if they all manage to fit in it. During my lunch break today I grabbed my power tools and a strip of MDF to make some bases for scatter terrain.

Bosch should consider sponsoring this blog, then again I seem to buy their tools without sponsorship...hmm going commercial is harder than I thought ;)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Finished my badlands terrain for Warhammer and Age of Sigmar (part 3)

Last night I affixed the final bits of flock and moss to my badlands terrain. Except for a barrel and a lantern that will get added to the mine this part of the badlands terrain set is finished.

In the heart of the realm of wood (and wintering garden furniture) five Chaos Warriors struck out on a quest to find the lost mine of King Sigmaron...

Monday, February 20, 2017

Building and painting badlands terrain for Warhammer and Age of Sigmar (part 2)

This is going to be a rather massive post about the badlands terrain I'm building and painting for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. I should have split it up over the course of the weekend, but well I didn't so here goes. In the previous post about my badlands terrain build I glued polystyrene blocks to MDF, took fork and knife to them and covered the result in instant filler and PVA. The next step is sanding the base and the flat parts of the mesa rocks. To make sure sand only sticks where I want it, I had to wait until the terrain was well and dry from the previous step (i.e. wait a few days). The next step is adding a thick glob PVA with an unwanted (cheap) brush. I occasionally water down the PVA slightly to make it flow a bit more, but never too much (as I need control).

Ever wonder what the point of cheap brushes is? It is for adding glue and other brush destroying activities.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Warhammer and Age of Sigmar badlands terrain (part 1)

One of the terrain sets I've been meaning to make is a badlands type with Monument Valley style cliffs. The fact that the first season of Westworld is awesome helped set me off on a polystyrene carving binge. I made my first test rock following along with the excellent tutorial by Rob Hawkins Hobby blog. This one still needs a bit of flock, but as a concept it'll do.

Some nefarious Tzeentchy types seem to be lounging around on this cliff.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Age of Sigmar Gifts from the Heavens objective markers

Not every project needs a lot of time and work to complete. The Gifts from the Heaves pitched battle scenario in Age of Sigmar (General's Handbook) requires two meteorites that crash on the table in turn two. After making do with dice, coins and some other improvised markers I recently made these two. I took two 90x52 mm oval bases, added a 'half moon' of cork to make a raised bit that simulates a comet striking the ground. After that I added sand with PVA, waited for the glue to dry and added more sand and PVA to the outside edges of the cork (to smooth it down). The comets themselves are strangely shaped rocks I bought at an after Christmas discount  sale. A bit of drybrushing and some washes and this is the result. Time for another pitched battle...

Now these look like meteors worth fighting over.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The new Lord of Change appears after only 28 years of summoning...

After a long wait Games Workshop released a new Lord of Change last week and it is massive. As I'm planning to start work on a new plastic Pantheon of Chaos to complement my old metal one I picked the kit up and got a bit carried away painting it.

This lord of Change heard me chanting for the past 28 years and finally dropped in....

Monday, February 6, 2017

Basing your miniatures for Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K

A nice base makes your miniatures look cool and can be used to tie your army together visually. Now you can hop over to GW and get some texture paint (and that is fine), but I prefer to go a bit further. I do this for three reasons:

  1. It looks cool.
  2. It gives me a chance to practice modelling.
  3. It gives purpose to excess bits.
Not featured: Lord Harkon (excepting his feet).

Friday, February 3, 2017

The five horseman of the Tzeentchpocalypse

I hate painting cavalry. No clue what it is, but for some reason I'm always annoyed while painting cavalry models. These five Chaos Knights are excellent models and I love how they turned out, but even here I still hated every minute of painting them.

By the last breath of the fourth fifth winds blow....

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The mysteries of a Realmgate await...

This Realmgate was lounging around in the bits box and in desperate need of assembling and painting. As my plan to play the first three Age of Sigmar missions requires a Realmgate (and feeling rather uncreative) I just assembled it according to the GW manual. I went for a paint job that will allow me to use the Realmgate beyond these three scenario's. As an aside, I did not think much of this piece of scenery when it was launched. But having assembled (converted) and painted a number of them, I'm warming up to it. It is a great centerpiece to fight over, can be used with some interesting rules to change a battle and it is great fun to paint.

Add some purple smoke...yeah that looks mystical enough.