Monday, December 12, 2016

A Troll Hag appears, nudity abounds!

I am making slow but sure progress on my Age of Sigmar terrain, but I am getting delayed by my rediscovery of the Orcs&Goblins (Orruks&Grots) project box. This week I took out my Troll Hag and finally gave her a paint job.

This model is huge, filled with character and utterly disgusting.
The Troll Hag by Forge World comes with a rectangular resin base that has het right foot as a permanent fixture. I used stones and sand to attach this base to a large oval base because roundness rules! Unfortunately I forgot to take some in progress pictures as the end result does look rather natural and good (if I may say so myself).

Those eyes! 

The eyes on this monster are terrifically horrifying and I think I actually managed to not make her cross-eyed. Well that is a first I think. As an aside, I love working on some extra nasty pustules like the ones on her nose here. It is not just for the followers of Nurgle you know....

Hello there! Are you the brains of this outfit?
Another bonus of working with Forge World models is the extra detail that pops up while you paint. I never noticed this little snotling hiding in the tree until almost the end of the project when his face suddenly popped out while giving a light extra drybrush on the tree.

Warning: do not mess with the Troll Hag.
All in all this is another nice monster to terrorize the Mortal Realms with. Now to find some Stormcast Eternals of Chaos Scumbags to cover in vomit.

I have not talked about painting the filled net yet. Lets just say it was a lot of work.

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