Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Spiders, spiders everywhere!

I have a hard to shake habit of buying unwanted lots of Warhammer miniatures of second hand websites. A result of this is that I have two full sets of the Battle For Skull Pass, the Warhammer Fantasy Battles starter set for 7th edition. This set contained ten Goblin Spider Riders each making me the proud owner of twenty Grot Spider Riders.

No giggling! Our spiders are decidedly poisonous.
You might wonder why my Spiderfang Grots ride pink spiders, well there are three reasons for that.

  1. Pink is an awesome color to paint and it stands out quite nicely on dour brown and grey battlefields (just ask uncle Fulgrim)
  2. My wife is afraid of spiders, this helps take the realism off. 
  3. I have fond memories of introducing a few large pink spiders during a larp (but that is a story for another time).

We are not just Spiderfang Grots, we are a Spidergang of Spiderfang Grots!
This Spiderfang kit is still available as a separate box by GW. The quality is not really on par with modern plastics. Both the spiders and the grots are of one piece and they snap-fit together. The regular kit still comes with square bases that snap fit to the spiders. I replaced these with oval bases.

Boring snap-fit kits but with lovely skull motifs on the backs.
A disadvantage of second hand models is the occasional model that has been painted by a beginner (covered in a gloop of un-thinned shoveled on paint). It is possible to remove acrylic paint from plastics (brown dettol, blue wonder, cleaning spirits and the like), but it is a time consuming proces. In the case of these miniatures I just tried to rescue the bas paint job with some highlights and washes. The sword wielding Spider Rider Boss in the center of the picture below is one of the restored models to whom that applies.

Painting Spiderfang Grots in large numbers has the advantage of being able to field Spiderfang Grots in large numbers. On to the next ten I say!

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