Friday, April 21, 2017

Dakkastomp, first test game of Shadow War: Armageddon

I played my first Shadow War: Armageddon game this week, and though it mostly consisted of frantically paging through the manual as we tried to get to grips with the rules (it looks like 40K but handles some things quite differently). Also we forgot to coordinate so we had an Ork vs. Ork battle (which was rather appropriate). It was a lot of fun. First off a few quick observations:

  • The melee system is great fun and gives all participants a chance to shine.
  • Power Klaws hurt (a lot).
  • Shooting felt really Orky with a lot of misses, almost malfunctions and the incidental devastating hit.
  • Movement was quick and easy although GW seems to have forgotten a rule for climbing up (will steal that from Mordheim). 
  • This game desperately needs an equipment and warband expansion (where are my burna's!!!).
All in all, high time for another battle report. Comic-style of course (you can download a pdf here)...


  1. Wow, today´s post left me speechless. The battleboard is totally awesome, at first sight you really want to play in that industrial sector. The comic-style report is priceless. Thanks for sharing.
    PS; This morning I will get my box of Shadow war; armaggedon from my local store, it was a lucky shot that they got 3 boxes in english (here, everybody play in spanish, for obvious reasons)that nobody purchased at this time.

  2. Thanks :) I would advice you to buy all three boxes, but I'm afraid this reply will reach you slightly too late for that.

  3. Watching the prices on eBay, maybe it would be a Smart idea to purchase the other two and sell them on eBay. I still have a chace to get them.