Monday, April 17, 2017

A handful of happy Dwarves

With my rather massive sets of builds for Shadow Wars, ambitions to make a new warband for the game and of course my work on getting everything I need to play elves in the correct terrain for Grudge  of Drong it was high time for a 'Squirrel!' moment. The arrival of a band of Dwarves from Ral Partha provided just that. I joined a Kickstarter campaign to have these guys made, especially as there are Dwarf wizards in the set (still in basecoat over here) and a Dwarf on Ski's (greybeards will know why this is extra special). So between a massive built and paint I will blog about soon and another massive built I will blog about much later I started working on a bunch of Dwarves. These are the first four.

Cheers! Now let's go kill some Greenskins.

The brewer on the left is one of the models (together with the wizards) that drew me to this group, although I rather like the king with his curly beard and crown. For all these models I try to keep to a very simple color scheme with a lot of browns and preferably one other color (and I immediately cheated on the king by painting some red runes on his hammer). I also finally got a chance to try the red glaze on the nose trick with three of the four Dwarves above. I'm loving the effect.

I miss ceilings Bob the Spearman whispered to Bob the Other Spearman,
I picked the two guys in the back to paint first because they look like guards and need no extra color. Seemed like a quick win to get these two painted and it was. Now I aim to go for one or two Dwarves a day (a speed that I will most likely not accomplish, but don't tell me (this is getting confusing)).

From high overhead an Elf scout sighed. Why do they get to bring beer along on patrols, he wondered as he threw a miserable glance at his waterskin.
These dwarves and the others in the set are insanely fun. Reminding me of the characterful Dwarves you could buy in the eighties. On the last count I discovered I have bought a very precise set of unmatched Dwarves that will not form a single unit in Age of Sigmar, so I might just have to add to these guys at a later date. The brewer at least will get a starring role in the Grudge of Drong campaign. No need to lock him up in a vat.

Last but not least I would be remiss if I did not give a shout-out to the excellent customer service over at Ral Partha. I usually have no problems whatsoever with sending and receiving packages but my Kickstarter Dwarves went missing in the mail twice. Luckily they kept up sending them, and the third (signed) time was the charm. Thanks for your patience and perseverance Paul from Ral Partha.

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