Friday, March 27, 2020

Finishing my maniple with Warhound titans and Cerastus Knights

Now here's something that almost never happens. After this week I can safely state that I've painted
all models I bought! To be sure for Adeptus Titanicus. But still, quite an (unexpected) accomplishment. The last models I had on sprue were these two Warhound titans and two Cerastus Knights.

Two Warlord Class scout titans march onto the field.

I followed the same recipe for these Warhounds as I did for all the previous titans in my Legio Ignatum maniple. Warhounds are the smallest class of titan which made assembly rather speedy. As with the Reavers no easy option to magnetize weapons has been included. A pity, but I just took a best guess at what would work and went with it.

I still can't get enough of the classic yellow/black and red panel color scheme although a small voice in the back of my mind has started whispering about the general coolness of Legio Mortis as well. 

As with the Reavers I decided to just alternate armour plates. Painting half yellow with black stripes and the other half red. Then during assembly I just switched them out between the two titans. The only part that required a bit of thought were the legs. I used a fancy leg plate on the Warhound to the right in the picture above. To contrast the gold it is completely red. The other leg plate has yellow black stripes. The Warhound on the left has leg plates that are half red, half striped. All that took was some judicious application of  masking tape.

Im actually not well verse enough in 30K/40K lore to say a lot about these Cerastus Knights. The one on the left reminds me of a Cylon.
The second set of models on my stack where these two Cerastus Knights. I think they are the largest class of knight in the 30K/40K universe. To be quite honest I think they look a bit silly with shields and lances, but maybe I've gotten spoiled with all the portable cannons on the real titans (stop sobbing knight pilots). I used the same paint scheme on these that I used on the previous set of knights. With my newfound confidence in precision airbrushing I actually went for a full metal scheme with black wash, then sprayed the yellow (with transition) and the blue panels. I washed the blue with Drakenhof Nightshade and after this used an airbrush to touch up most of the metallics (only taking a brush to trim), finishing up with extreme highlights on the blue. This sped up painting a lot. In the end I had to make a semi-informed decision on the lance like thing. I picked green on a whim as its not used outside titan's eyes in the maniple. In the future I'm going to practice precision airbrushing a lot more.

Never mind the big war machines around us, knights united will not be ignited!
On to real fun, some scale pictures. Here you see the Cerastus Knights with some regular Knights in the background. These models are (for 8mm models) big. I still haven't gotten around to actually reading Adeptus Titancus' rules, but I suspect they stalk between buildings, stabbing bigger titans in the knees. Very naughty gits basically.

With my maniple finished I will have to face sitting down and actually reading the rules (I'll probably find out I should've stuck other guns to my titans).
And for more scale, here is the entire maniple with Warlord, Reaver and Warhound titans of Legio Ignatum happily posing alongside their friend from a still nameless knightly house. As you can see in the background my next project is obvious: building terrain for these machines to trample through.

I probably have said it a few times before while blogging on the subject of Adeptus Titanicus, but these models are awesome. The amount of detail is insane. If I compare it to the classic board game, even colored by my rosy memories, they still blow them out of the water. GW should most definitively make a fresh version of Epic. I want to stomp on traitor space marines!

Lets end up with a few extreme close-ups.

Wheeee, I managed a close up that does not make my paint job look like its applied by a drunk 5 year old riding a merry-go-round. 
Here's the top plate of the Stupor Mundi Reaver titan. While finishing the Warhounds I went back to my other painted titans and added some Minitaire Ghost Tint Purple to the (already weathered) barrels of the guns.

Of my two Warlords I still love this titan the most, maybe I should name him. 
And here is a close-up of one of my Warlord titans. I added this decal to its right shoulder shield and even though I spilled a bit of glue on it at a later point, I stil think it looks quite nice. I really can't wait for the quarantine to be lifted and get a few proper games of Adeptus Titanicus in.

Everybody ready and paying attention? Lets start the song and dance routine on
Lets end it with another group shot. Not bad for a month's worth of painting. Now on to get creative with terrain (and try not to get distracted by the zillion other projects around my hobby room).


  1. Absolutely cracking work on the titan legion!

    I too would love to see Epic getting a redux with slightly larger scale but modern sculpts!

    1. Cheers! Lets keep our fingers crossed for that epic redux :)

  2. Excellent!

    What comes after the terrain? More Titans? An opposing force? If someone had a resin printer, you could probably put together some pretty good tanks and such for them to stomp...

    1. First a bit of terrain (the buildings have been assembled and coated in primer, just need to sit down and actually block in some paint). Another titan maniple, especially one from Legio Mortis would rank quite high on the list. On the other hand my local club has multiple titanicus players, so as soon as the self-isolation orders are lifted I can just go out and shoot at an opponent's maniple.

      With the closure of GW I have been considering the freaky amount of projects I have lying around unfinished. : I have a large number of random Skaven that have been collecting dust in my windowsill. Half-finished or unbuilt Kharadron, Genestealer Cult, Mechanicus, Gloomspite Gitz, Necron and random chaos models. An empire/freeguild army, bunches of half painted, but never finished high-elves and eldar and a lot of random odds&ends (of the dangers of lots of lot and impulse buying). Also I still have a large number of orcs and goblins of course (mostly fantasy but also quite a few of the ork variety). There's always more orcs & goblins to paint (I should shoot some decent pictures of my entire collection so far :).

      Come to think of it, closing GW's stores and online shopping down for a bit may be rather beneficial (if only the second hand sites would stop too). I might perhaps finish my project pile some day...

      ...har har, never! As a more realistic appraisal I will probably get into epic when/if there's an official release.

      For my next project I'm hovering towards painting up some 14 Primaris marines with bolter equivalent in Crimson Fist colors, adding 1 with a missile launcher and 1 captain Cantor with a power fist. Followed by 16 Ork boyz, 3 Ork squad leaders and 2 Nobz: Thrukk and Hruk. I've been meaning to play Battle at the Farm with 8th edition rules, modern models and a lot of house-rules to celebrate the release of the new edition, I just got distracted before launch and its been on the back burner for a while now...

      ...on the other hand I only need to paint a few timber beams to finish batch #2 of the Townscape...and Mount and Blade Bannerlord was finally released (as an early alpha, but who cares).

      Decisions, decisions I think I can only give one fair answer to the 'what's next' question: I will most definitively not be bored for the foreseeable future :D

    2. Battle of the farm sounds great, but then so do all of those projects!

      (probably why I have 101 of my own!)

    3. "(probably why I have 101 of my own!)" :D:D:D