Friday, December 25, 2020

A third Screaming Bell rolls onto the scene

Christmas 2020 is upon us and I have a little lot of time reserved to get down to some serious painting. Before the new models pile up I had to get this one photographed and put on the blog. I actually completed this Screaming Bell a few weeks ago, but as I wanted to actually be able to take some time off during the holidays, didn't have the time to photograph it. Anyway, here's my third Screaming Bell in all its glory.

As an aside this marks the second model I've based on an laser cut MDF base. I should do a post about those somewhere in the future.

As far as I've been able to find out this one was released in 2002 to replace the nineties version. I went into a hobby hiatus between the release of the first Screaming Bell and Warhammer 40K 5th (2008) so I'm a bit shaky on everything Red Period and what followed just thereafter (I still need to get my hands on a Dark Emmissary and an Albion Fen Beast). I absolutely love the Grey Seer on this model. It has a mad dynamic pose standing on top of the bell platform. You can also see what inspired the artist modeling the latest version of the Screaming Bell. It is but a small step from the platform onto the bell, so to speak.

Feeling a bit bold I actually used a light grey to edge highlight the robes after applying a lot of glazes. I should do that more often.

As I painted this one back to back with the classic Screaming Bell, the wood was painted in the same manner (a bit of a missed chance in hindsight). On the plus side it does make for a very good neutral backdrop to make the seer come into its own. I played with glazing om the robe. Using a zenithal spray of grey and white on black as a starting point and carefully adding layers of Lamenter's Yellow. When it all dried I (uncharacteristically) went with very light and localized washes of Gryphone Sepia to accentuate shadows. Stuck on its cork, I decided on black clothing for the bell toller. A bit of a mistake as it fades into the vehicle to be honest. On the other hand, it does make its hands and snout stick out.

(In my day job) I interviewed the owner of a car lease company once. He explained that car models increase in size every generation so companies accidentally lease a more expensive version when they conservatively stick to the same model type. This makes me wonder: do Skaven Gey Seers lease their Screaming Bells? And if so: who is crazy enough to lease them out? Now there's a scenario there...

I would be remiss if I didn't end this (for now) final entry in my Screaming Bell collection with a side by side shot. As you can see the 2002 version is actually a bit shorter than its 1993 counterpart. It only wins height wise thanks to the grey seer. The new plastic kit dwarves both. I almost pity the Skaven that have to push that thing. Almost... 

Now on to holiday painting. 'Tis the season to shrink the lead pile Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. 

I usually don't take before pictures from second hand models as it feels a bit to balance on the edge between gratifying and arrogant (with the weight tipped towards arrogance). Then again, it is rather satisfying to compare before and after once in a while, so here we go.

As a small bonus, here's the before picture of the model as I received it from its previous owner. Why do people always ignore the 'prime your miniatures' advice? I'll add it to mysteries of the universe to ponder over a drink this holiday. 


  1. Looking good-good. It's always fun to see the size change through the years on a side by side like this.

    1. Thanks. I always appreciate finding side-by-side scale pictures when I'm considering buying a fresh model so I'm trying to do my part :)

  2. ooo that a new one on me, I like how you painted it.. don't remember ever seeing this version of the Screaming Bell before. It looks very ramshackle and the straighter bell design is more like an eastern temple bell, maybe Clan Eshin have a paw in its theft hehe. The Grey Seer is very dynamic, he looks well excited and crazy, perfect for driving the masses into a murderous frenzy.

    Three Bells .. impressed, and intimidated, what wonderful chaos they could unleash.

    1. Cheers :) I didn't know there was a third model either, and the design is quite nice indeed. I do wonder what to do with three Screeming Bells. Perhaps write a scenario dubbed 'operation overkill' and just go for it...

  3. I was paying attention to WHFB in that era, but some how totally forgot about that version of the bell. Interesting to see its evolution over the years. If and when the plastic version gets replaced, I expect a whole cathedral on a wheeled platform as big as a baneblade ;)