Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lord Slimegulp, Tyrant of the Wastes, Daemon Price of Nurgle (and some friends)

The second model for my Nurgle warband will be Lord Slimegulp the self-proclaimed Tyrant of the Wastes. He is a Daemon Price of Nurgle that I'm building out of bits and a second hand plastic daemon prince I bought as part of one of those 'I quit the hobby' lots. The front of the model has been build by cutting leftover bits from the cannibalized Maggot Lord set I used for the Nurgle Realmgate earlier this year.

Lord Simegulp always gets a close-up view of the meals he's chewing on. I bet they never mentioned that possibility in the Join a Merry Nurgle Warband recruitment flyers.
Go ahead make fun of my tiny wings, my wroth will be legendary!
I did not like the standard Daemon Prince wings for this particular conversion as I really want him to stand out from fellow princes on the battlefield. I ended up using a pair of 40K CSM mutant upgrade wings by cutting out the power pack they sprung from. I cut all crossguards of the blade (as it was to techie-looking and replaced it with some green stuff creepers. I also cut all cables of the left handed 'power fist' and ended up closing the last of the air vents with a secret Nurgle recipe (mixing PVA with superglue). I used a head and a nurgling sprouting body from the Blight Kings set and added a streamer of flies from the maggot lord.

Last, but certainly not least is building the bases. I tend to glue my models to a temporary base for handling while painting (usually when I'm to lazy to pin them to corks). The final base I build seperately. Here is a work in progress shot of the base for the Daemon Prince (and the bases for the Blight kings. I used a but from the Shattered Realms basing set to add some detail.

Almost all bases start out the same: with sand, PVA and plastic.
For extra character and decoration I'm planning to use mushrooms on the bases. There are some large ones in the basing kit. As I had more green stuff than needed I could sculpt a few more to glue on later.

Green stuff mushrooms, not for human consumption.
As the late and great Bob Ross might say 'Maybe Lord Slimegulp has a couple of friends'. Why thanks Bob, let's get to them. I had these to metal models around and have started the paint job already.

Ebolax the Great, Sorcerer of Nurgle and Virulex the Septuply Cursed, champion of  Nurgle.
I've glued Ebolax to the 32 mm base he's going to end up on as this model almost fully covers his base. I still have to search my shed for his familiar though. Virulex gets a separate base that is almost done (except for the raven as I can't decide between a white or a black variant of the bird).

Once upon a midnight dreary....
Last but not least is this addition in progress:

The base needs a little more work, the abomination will take a lot more paint before it's done. 
This Skaven Hell Pit Abomination will probably see most action with a lot of my other Skaven backing it up, but I will also use it next to my Nurgle warband. After all both are part of the Chaos Alliance.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

All praises to Nurgle, our grandfather of plagues, here are the Blight Kings

I have been meaning to build a chaos army for quite some time now. Having grown up with the Realm of Chaos books I know nothing offers quite as much opportunities for wild conversions and interesting riotous units.

What has delayed me for all this time was an inability to decide on my chosen power to worship. I have a few older metal models for Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle and Tzeentch. And as a temporary fix I painted up an old school pantheon a few years back:

The great four powers of Chaos band together to destroy La Maisontaal
But now with Age of Sigmar it has become as easy as in 3rd ed. Warhammer to put nice models of your choice on the table. That helped me decide how to approach chaos in the realms: I'm going to build different warbands that I can use individually or as part of a larger army. As I have quite a lot of Nurgle ready bits I decided to start with the grandfather. That it gave me an excuse to build the Blight Kings unit helped the choice a lot. So without further ado my Blight Kings as constructed right now (or view the painted guys here):

Here are my Blight Kings all together but still lacking paint.
The banner bearer has gotten extra attention because I like to semi-freehand designs on them and make them bigger than the norm is right now. Apologies for the rather poor photographs, I accidentally gave my phone a flying lesson and it is at the shop for repairs. I tricked out this banner with the scythe bit and a shield from the Blight Kings set. The crossbar is made from 1mm plastic rod with some greenstuff added to match it with the rest of the bannerpole. The chain is always a nice detail and came out of the bits box.

Not added the banner itself.

Rearview of my banner bearer with some random other paints and bits strewn arond.
Having build five Blight Kings with the kit I have to admit that I now want two or three extra Blight Kings kits. There are so many options, and even more ways to convert the warriors. As an extra kit is not yet in the future planning I decided I did need the huge axe that you can use instead of the bell (the units musician). A bit of cutting and some green stuff added and I had it:

I don't just want any kind of axe, Give me the biggest one!
Another detail I should mention is that I cut of and flattened all horns on the helmets. It does not feel right to me that the lost and damned, who spend their lives fighting, would make the mistake of giving their opponent a handle to pull at their heads. Therefore the only horns in my Chaos army will be ones that seem to be mutated onto the heads of my champions.