Monday, December 5, 2016

Azhag the Slaugterer is ready to despoil the Moral Realms

While working on my Age of Sigmar terrain I spotted Azhags dragon standing alone, forgotten and abandoned between some tools in the hobby shed. I started on this model and never got around to finishing it. So over the course of this weekend I painted Azhag himself, finished up the dragon and put some color to the banners. It does fit nicely with my other rediscovered Orc and Goblin models.

Watch it, Azhag is ready to despoil the Realms.

The second banner on this model is excellent with its pre-shaped squares and evil ogre face. I took some orange to it and just went with it.

Real orruks have two banners!
I decided to give Azhag a golden crown of command with blue gems and a blue plume to contrast with his extremely dirty metal style armor and red banner. Of course after painting I read that the crown of command is supposed to have been made out of metal/iron. That just goes to show I should've done a bit more research in stead of grabbing the model out of the shed and tossing paint at it. Then on the other hand, I did finish this model.
I tried to paint a mix of old and fresh blood around Skullmuncha's maw and front claq. Although I'm not quite sure if this actually worked.

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