Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chaos Spawn join the warband

The Chaos Spawn kit may not be the shiniest and newest in de Games Workshop collection, it is a barrel of fun to glue. You get two basic bodies and enough spare bits to mutate an entire Chaos Army. As I had two of the Spawn kits on the plastic pile I decided to just have some fun with it and build two generic failed champions and two Tzeentch themed monsters.

I tried following a How to paint Seraphon Feathers for the feathers on the Spawn's arms, but I'm no Duncan. I ended up splashing some Agrax Earthshade on the stained mess and now I try not thinking about it too much.  

My generic champions are flesh colored with some strategic blood for the blood god and washes to make the models look more interesting. I also added the head of a Warrior of Chaos to one because it looks delightfully haphazard on top of the bulging overgrown shoulders.

Two angry spawn coming right up!
The second batch were painted with a dark blue to purple scheme to give them a more mystical look. I especially love the huge amount of eyes in the spawn kits, making the back of the tusked spawn possible.

This one has enough eyes in the back to become a very successful (and feared) teacher.

All in all it is a lot of fun to work with these guys, can't wait to try them out on the tabletop.

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