Monday, January 16, 2017

Mass painting Tzeentch's Warriors of Chaos

I have to admit that I don't really love the Warriors of Chaos kit. The poses are stiff and your choice in assembling them is very limited. You basically choose between two hand-weapons or a hand weapon and shield without getting a chance to modify individual warriors. As the models are rather dense (from a design point) it is not very easy or obvious to make big changes. On the plus side this does allow for some very serious painting speeds if you combine the airbrush with the paintbrush. This unit of twenty Chaos Warriors was assembled and painted over the course of my weekeind.

I am rather happy with the color and design of my freehand banner. 
This brings the total number of Warriors of Chaos I have painted to forty (10 with two weapons for Nurgle, 10 with two-handed weapons for Tzeentch and these 20). I still have 4 on sprue, so by buying another kit of 16 I could conceivably make another unit of 20, but do I really want that or do I let these four linger in the bits-box? Decisions, decisions...

There is a limit to how many airbrushed color transitions you can make before the wow-factor drop to a minimum.
Assembling these warriors is a nice batch progress where removing the horns from the helmets takes the longest amount of time (but I do so love having a pet peeve). Here is a quick impression of the assembly process (not pictures Warhammer Live on Twitch in the background, I don't understand why I enjoy it so much (but I do)).

Shields at the ready (yes that is blood on the leftmost shield, one day I will learn to be careful with my scalpel...).

Hornless heads ready for attachment to merciless warrior.

now what will I do with these leftover horns? No clue so into the bits-box they go!

A bit more glue and then we go on to painting.

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