Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Enchanting death from above

This weekend I finished a Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore. The regular Chaos Lord is still somewhere on my paint station, but I guess he'll just have to wait a bit.

I should not have called my Manticore Simba, now I dare not get off for fear of revenge.
The Manticore is a creature from Persian mythology, a lion with a human head (and sometimes a dragon's tail). I decided to pick lion and human colors for the basic color scheme hence the sandy yellow and brown with the ruddy flesh tones. To get a bit of the dragon in I decided to hit the tail and the wing-claws with some shades of green from the airbrush.

The cloack was airbrushed from Incubi darkness to Kabalite Green with some edges highlighted with watered down Sybarite Green.
I saved the base for last adding an old horse skeleton I found in the bits box to give it a bit of character. Also this was a good chance to test the new grass tufts I ordered from GamersGrass. I like them, especially the beige XL grass.

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