Saturday, March 26, 2011

Building the walls of the manufactorum

So I have been cutting and pasting another number of hours to get ahead with the manufactorum and got to the first hurdle. Turns out that no matter how much time you (well I) spend in Sketchup reality has a way of catching up. As I was cutting away at the walkway (on the cutting mat here):

I discovered that I forgot to put any supporting walls beneath the end of the walkway holding the staircase. So adjustments are needed. I also did not like the way the wall and balcony would turn out besides the chimney-stack and made a few alterations to the plan (involving some PVC piping) there as well. As for the other end of the building, I still have to cut a broken down rear wall for that part as well.

Finally I won't be putting in the triple staircase on the other end of the building. It is hard to put minis on stairs and I don't think it looks sci-fi enough so I'm going to put in a freight elevator like thingy. 

As for actual building in stead of planning, I finished the landing platform (and slightly altered the way that fits on the building as well (adding a support column so a landing vehicle won't break the entire arm of the building off (personally I blame gravity). Here is the measure of the build as of today. Still in doubt about concrete, I don't really like the look of painted styrofoam and I have had a rather dismal failure with filler on another project, perhaps I'll try some sanded plaster or maybe I'll just default back to roughcoat (it is grey and in a spraycan, making it easier to reach the corners in this building).



(for those keeping track, the slices of foamboard on the last two pics are the front ridges for the building). 

Ah well, back to the PVA and my trusty X-acto knife. I'm pretty close to finishing the basic build and then the fun of wrecking it (I mean applying battle damage) begins.

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