Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Realmgate of Nurgle and the Sylvaneth Realmgate finished

The paint job on the two realmgates is finished (well it has been finished since last Thursday, but I did not find the time for a write-up until today. First of the Nurgle Realmgate. It was base coated in Chaos Black, followed by a second base coat of Zandri Dust (both from GW rattlecans).

A 'do not enter' sign seems redundant on this realmgate.
I had a lot of fun accentuating sores and puss with a bit of red from the airbrush, followed by painting most of the pustules Zamesi Dessert and highlighting them with an off-white and Zamesi Dessert mix. The sick plants around the base are bits from an fake plant by Ikea airbrushed with yellows and reds.

Come closer and I'll help you in....
The claws and horns where a simple job of Zandri dust, followed by Vallejo Sepia and drybrushed with Zandri Dust and Praxeti White. I used the airbrush to give the Realmgate its greenish glow. and then dry brushed the smoke effects with greens and Praxeti White.

I think the Stormcast Eternals will have their job cut out for them....
I love adding some purple and pink to chaos projects and the tongue gave an excellent opportunity. The inside of the mouth was also airbrushed pink and washed with Carroburg Crimson. The teeth where painted after doing the inside of the mouth.

The back of the portal
The rusty kettle (and all other rusty areas) were painted with Modelmate Rust (normal). This is rather expensive but worth every cent. All slime effects where started with green paint and then had multiple layers of Nurgle's Rot added.

At that point my time for the project was running out (as the summer of war was about to start). I failed to take a lot of pictures of the Sylvaneth Realmgate. Here is a late WIP shot.

Can you spot the hidden Dryad?
In between these two projects I painted a few buildings (already glued by others) with a basic layer of Zandri Dust followed by Agrax Earthshade and the even more Zandri dust. Here are some photo's of the complete table with terrain getting its first battle:

Orruks vs. Seraphon...fight

The Nurgle Realmgate takes center stage.

The standard reaction to the Sylvaneth Realmgate: 'hey that thing is way bigger then I expected'.
Next up for me, painting some miniatures again (and fighting a few battles for the Season of War campaign).

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