Monday, October 3, 2016

Quick quick send more Skryre and Moulder war machines will send many many warp tokens

While working on a project I tend to get distracted by the next one in line (lets talk about dwarves....oh no later after my Dark Elves...shut up now!). Age of Sigmar divides the forces in four alliances making distraction easier to deal with, after all Skaven are Chaos too so it does not really count as a full distraction ;)

Skaven Skryre war machines, Moulder Rat Oggors and an actual member of the council of thirteen. My army is growing in strength.
It helped that there were a lot of leftover Skaven in my shed. I acquired Lord Nurglitch at the Impact Expo here in Eindhoven last year. During the Warhammer End Times I shared an Island of Blood (IoB) box with a fellow member of Sword Brethren Eindhoven and on a whim I decided to order a couple of Ratling Guns to bolster my forces. As I already painted up all models (excepting the Poisoned Wind Mortar) from my first IoB set I thought a bit of converting was in order. As Rat Ogors can have Warpfire Projectors by the AoS rules I bought a few Storm Fiend bits to convert the two and I also switched the head to create a bit more diversity in the pack.

Insert your own swooooosh sound here.
It mostly took some cutting and a bit of extra green stuff fur to make all the parts fit on the first Rat Ogor. I could actually cut down the original cable to make it tie in with the projector.

And add another swoooosh please.
The second ogor required a bit more green stuff, I also cannibalized the Warpfire Thrower from the IoB set. I have four older metal models and a fifth from my other set and don't expect to ever field six.

Lets go wild and insert a Raaaah swooosh here.
I had to wait for the green stuff to set to smooth out some detail around the barrel on the back (and promptly forgot to take finished pictures of the result.

Be smart, don't smoke around this barrel.

Anyway I still have a lot to learn when it comes to sculpting, but it is progressing with every conversion I make.

The second model to work on was the Skaven Warlord. I wanted one with a warpforged blade so I took a leftover blade from the Blight Kings, added a pommel from a Bloodletter sword and switched the other hand out for the spare hand on the Drakoth Chieftain in the Silver Tower set. I also took the entire back banner of to make this warlord distinct from the other one.

Squee kill kill.
Last but not least was a simple arm swap on the Warlock Engineer. I got a leftover Skitarii arm with a nice long rifle and exchanged the halberd with it. It fit in one go. You've gotta love the simple things in life. Of course there are no rules for two guns on this guy, but who cares I'll make something up.

Die! Die! Now! Now!

After this it was just a matter of painting the guys up over the weekend. I switched between the different IoB miniatures which helps washes settle and dry. So in no true order here are the results. For the Warlock Engineer I picked green robes as the other one is in blue. I had his armor entirely in copper/bronze colors but it had too little contrast with the backpack and guns, so I switched it to steel.

Bang bang
As I was assembling the Poisoned Wind Mortars I suddenly realized what I didn't like about the models. They looked like two bored Skaven trudging over the battlefield. But it is a mortar, so I switched the front guy around and gave an impression of mortars firing.

I think the Poisoned Wind Mortars look much better this way.
I had some real fun painting up the Rat Ogors to match with the two I already had painted up. Added a bit of heat distortion to the weapons and took the time to pick out stitches. Unfortunately I discovered I had no 50mm round based so these are on order and the four are all on temporary bases.

Raaaah swooosh.
Lord Nurglitch got a coat of paint earlier this month, but as I hadn't taken any decent pictures so far here he is. I will run him as a warlord on brood horror (and here is to hoping the Forge World model isn't titan sized).

One of the dreaded members of the council of thirteen. That is trouble right there!
Last but not least the ratling guns where painted earlier this week. I picked the red hat with white shirt on one of the teams as a tribute to Rambo. I think I'll dub the team Ramsquee.

Here is a solution to not getting stabbed to death in melee, stay at range.
The final addition to my Skaven amy (for this update) is the warp grinder that had been idling in a box in the shed. I had a lot of fun painting the model (in two parts) and a bit less fun gluing those two painted parts together. But they can now serve to help me pop-up a nasty surprise right from beneath the enemies feet (I'm not saying it will be clanrats, but it will probably be clanrats).

Now all that is really missing in my Skaven army are some Storm Fiends and a unit of Stom Vermin. Perhaps later this year or early next year as I have just ordered more Chaos Warriors and friends to continue turning my warband into an army.

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