Saturday, July 29, 2017

Inquisitor Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau arrives (unexpectedly)

With the rise of my Genestealer Cult it was only a matter of time before the inquisition showed up. Turns out it was sooner rather then later. And none other then the very first inquisitor ever conceived: Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau. Now to wait for a datasheet...(and wait, and wait, and don't hold breath etc...)

"Did someone mention Genestealer Cults?"
For people scratching their heads at this. Obiwan has an illustration and back story in the original Rogue Trader book. Here is his original picture.

"I hunt psykers and mutants!"
No clue why, but I really felt like owning a model of him. Searching for conversion bits I mentioned him on the Oldhammer community. It turned out there was a model and a member was kind enough to give me his . I got a brownish sense to his coat from the picture and I tried to faithfully replicate his intimidating yin yang and checks (I should have used the picture above for reference as my yin yang is 90 degrees off).

"Did I hear the chitter of multiple arms?"
In between this I have been at a short painting hiatus. I can't shake the feeling that I should paint my cult in the colors of my existing Tyranid army. That has caused a delay. I've also been getting in multiple eight edition games. That didn't help either (only so much spare time). My first game was with my badly planned Asta Militarum army. It actually manages to perform reasonably well on the battlefield in eight edition. Next up where my Eldar. These guys are still magnificent (except for Swooping Hawks, they are really useless now). I like my Eldar so much that the start of a small Ynnari force is on mail order (the triumvirate to begin with). The last couple of games where played with my Tyranid army. They have changed a lot in eight, and boy are they fun to pester (and finally eat) your opponent with. Here is a quick action shot of my last battle.

Spore mines have turned into excellent area denial weapons in eight (sort off what mines are supposed to be for if I''m not mistaken). 
At this point one or two of the more puritan readers of this blog may have sprayed their screens with coffee (or another beverage of choice). Yes I occasionally play with unpainted models (and very often against). In this case I needed to add some units to army on short notice. As I still had a shoebox with second hand Tyranid models (and sprues) gathering dust in the shed I could quickly get my hands on some spore mines and extra Termagants and Hormagant. Unfortunately I did not have the time to paint those (just strip and basecoat). To make amends (and because Tyranids are most likely on the program in the future) I've started a sloppy mass paint of my 'gants and spore mines.

Step one: ignore how badly these models have been assembled by the previous owner(s). Step two: strip paint then basecoat. Step three: Ushabti Bone from the airbrush. Step four: slop on too much Sepia wash while trying not to think of mr. two-thin-coats.

And here are even more (badly assembled) 'gants.
It is a bit of a personal challenge to see if I can paint these guys to reasonable tabletop standard before going insane and throwing them back in a box with other half-painted models. We'll see how it goes. After this, it is back to the cult (hopefully with a decision on the color scheme).


  1. Nice work on the inspector. The unpainted stuff is... disappointing, but I am sure you will redeem them soon!

    1. I'm scheduling a Game of Thrones-style walk of shame as we speak, in between speed painting sessions of course ;)