Monday, February 12, 2018

The Knight of Shrouds joins my undead horde

You've got to love a long buildup. Just before Christmas GW started hinting at Malign Portents hitting the Mortal Realms in Age of Sigmar (if you're not up-to-date on the background, I've got a primer here). Now as prelude to a worldwide campaign a new book has hit the shelves including four new models (a general each for Order, Destruction, Death and Chaos). Being an easy mark a gaming enthusiast I pre-ordered the book, dice, cards and the general for Death because, well, I think the model look incredibly cool. I've skimmed the book and it looks interesting. As I've decided to take my hobby up to 11 this year, I'm going to attempt to fill every space on the Wargame Hobby Bingo card Rob Hawkins updated this year. I used this as an excuse to go full throttle on the Knight of Shrouds.

GW managed to combine the menace of a Ring Wraith quite nicely with the ghostly appearance required for Night Haunt models. 

One of the spaces on the hobby bingo card is Buy a model and paint it within 48 hours. Assuming the day of receiving the miniature through mail order is equal to buying it, this one qualifies. I actually build, primed and painted it over the course of last Sunday. Long live a good blow dryer to speed things up. I used the Warhammer TV tutorial as the basis for the model, diverging by using an airbrush to get a bit more contrast out of the ghostly greenish robe and painting the scabbard red (I thought the GW one did not stand out enough).

One of my favorite models from the past years is the Cairn Wraith (strangely missing from the GW website at this moment). I think the Knight of Shrouds works perfectly as a commander for these guys.
Only a few more weeks until I move and can get ready to set up something more serious to take photos, in the meantime the beer table will have to suffice :). Still a lovely model, I'm quite curious what will happen when he hits the tabletop. In the meantime I should hop over to my local GW as I managed to miss the release of the Legions of Nagash Battle Tome in all the Malign Portents excitement. Up next I'll jump feet first into a true Oldhammer project that is way beyond my skill level :). Ah nostalgia, I think it's best when mixed with equal doses of novelty.

My Wargame Hobby Bingo so far, the original to this card can be found here
In the meantime my Bingo progress is doing quite nicely so far for a distracted start of the year. I stamped the Buy a model and paint it within 48 hours for this one. The scratch build scenery is the building on my Space Port. I added a group of Ironjawz Brutes to my Greenskins army (and took them out killing the same evening), painted a Wight King that had been languishing in basecoat for at least two years and painted my first Dark Eldar by slapping some color on an ancient Archon.


  1. That's a really great job on this excellent model. Well done !

    1. Thanks, painting a single model in stead of a squad has the added bonus of keeping it fun.

  2. Excellent painting job. That mini is awesome!!!!

    This year you will scream !Bingoooo!

    1. Cheers, yes I love it too. I think I will be screaming bingo loud enough to be heard across borders :)