Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My fantasy armies on parade

The long awaited move has almost been completed and I'm in the process of building my own hobby Walhalla. While deciding on display cabinets, workspace, lights, decorations and paint racks I took the unpacking of my miniatures as a quick opportunity to show my painted armies on (a private) parade. First up is my Fantasy collection as my 40K turned out not to fit on the table at the same time. Seeing it all together makes me rather proud of my painting production and the quality is getting better all the time too. So to shorten down a long post. Here are a bunch of (badly lit) shots of my Fantasy armies.
The entire lot as they turned up out of their boxes including my two actual Armies on Parade wins (bronze and silver) of which I am (perhaps a bit too) proud. 
Some of the Orruks I painted at the end of last year.

My Death army won bronze on Armies on Parade in combination with the Vampire Castle elsewhere on this blog.

Tzeentchian Slaves to Darkness march behind my (just out of frame) pantheon of the original Realm of Chaos Greater Daemons.

Skaven form the army I've been collecting for the longest time, as of last year I've decided to add a (few) extra unit(s) to it every year around my birthday. 

The Greater Daemons of Tzeentch and Khorne dominate this part of the table, I should get around to adding one of Nurgle and the Great Horned Rat to my collection somewhere this year and then the wait for a Slaanesh counterpart can begin.

My Highborn Aelves where the first out of the box (and I forgot to take closer photographs of them).

I like how the three blue Rockgut Trollocs stand out in this lot.
The large banner for my Moonclan Grots still puts a grin on my face.
A top view of the entire army on parade, next up doing the same for my 40K lot (as soon as I've found a way to store all these).


  1. Outstanding view!!! You should feel very proud of your work. Longing to see your 40K parade.

    1. Cheers, I have cleared out the dinner table, so a parade should be coming up around tomorrow.

  2. Stupendous work! Lots of lovely figures there. I hope to be there some day as well (in a new house, and to have so many painted armies)

    Although the round bases make me a bit sad...

  3. Cheers, sorry about the round bases, but what can I say 'inside every round a square is hiding' ;)