Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Warhammer Townscape watermill painted

The Warhammer Townscape watermill is one of the larger, more impressive buildings in the set. As it has a small river running past it, I had to take some extra care of the base of the building. It took a few extra days to apply epoxy water effects properly (no Mighty Fortress disaster repeats for me). I think that was worth it. Here's a shot of the completed building.

Now here's a building to fight over. Also I found my misty valley backdrop. 

I'm very happy with the way the waterwheel turned out as it looked like (and was) an especially difficult part to build (see pictures and bla bla of the process here). I took special care to paint it a different shade of brown than the wall behind it. I also used a subtle spray of thinned down VMA Light Cam to paint the bottom of the wood in the background a slightly moldy green.

I added dam walls of hand dry clay to the base inside the building to make the epoxy flow beneath the bridge without having to fill the entire inside of the building. 
I painted the river streaming past the watermill up from Dryad Bark, fading it out with Mournfang Brown and settling on VMA Dark Yellow for the edges (all with the airbrush). I mixed some Athonian Camoshade through the epoxy resin to add a green tinge. This dried up in the greenish streaks you see in the water. I'm rather fond of this effect.

You can see the brown streaks in the lighter wood rather well on this picture. I just want to add it looks a bit less obvious in real life. 
Nothing much interesting to say about the back of the building. I might go back at a later point and add some paper signs to the large wooden wall as it is a bit boring right now.

You can see the green tinge I added to the bottom of the wood here as well (I went round to the side with it).
Here is a final shot of the side of the building. You can see a last touch I put on the waterwheel right here. I covered the cardboard sides with a layer of Typhus Corrosion to add a bit of texture. A smart move (I think) as it made it easier to mix interesting colors on this decaying metal bit of the big wheel.


  1. Replies
    1. Get yourself some foamboard, coffee stirrers and balsa wood then ;)

  2. Excellent paint job! That water turned out nicely, giving it just the sort of murky silty water look that Warhammer needs (either that or a rushing mighty river full of foam and white caps, nothing in between)

    1. I agree no water should feel (or look) safe in the Old World. I've been tweaking the formula a bit though, more on that in a later post about the wooden bridge.