Monday, September 18, 2017

Restoring Orc Boar Chariots, Pink Spiderfang Grots and more Orruks and Grots

Two weeks ago I decided to paint myself out of my painting slump by assembling, fancy basing and painting Skarbrand. With my painting mojo renewed, I went on to open my Orcs&Goblins...I mean Orruks and Grots project box to make a dent in that back-log. Having successfully taken over the dining room table with hobby I've been able to get quite a nice few painting and modeling hours in. To spice the hobby up a bit further I've also lifted my personal (semi-)ban on going for multiple units at the same time. Basically I'm chaos incarnate, doing whatever fancy dictates and having a blast while at it. First off I finished painting the ten remaining Spiderfang Grots that where languishing half-painted in the project box.

Spiders! Attack!!!
'Why pink,' you may ask. Well for starters they match the other ten, also pink is awesome and it negates my wife's fear of spiders. Although she claims it won't help with the Arachnarok. So I still can't get away with painting one of those (yet).

With these ten finished I'm finally out of Spiders to paint.
Admittedly the Spiderfang Grots have been a bit rushed (tabletop standard is the euphemism I believe). But for a large unit they will serve and they can be cleared off the to-do-list. Another group on that list is formed by two Spear Chukka's and their Grot crew, also on that list are the crew for two of my Doom Diver Catapults. I've been working on these while waiting for layers of wash to dry on other models. Here is an in progress shot straight from one of my to-do box lids (almost there with these guys).

A shot of my to-do tray. 
In the background is a unit of Orruk Boyz with two hand weapons. I will get started on those guys as soon as I've decided what alternating colors I will use for their shirts and pants. Never mind the Skaven on the side, those sneaky gitz always appear in unexpected places.

I sneakily re-used this image of my broken chariots (I shot it for the last update).
Another project is the restoration of five broken chariots as pictured above. This week I've (re-)assembled two of them.

Two chariots ready for a paint job.
The one on the left was missing the entire yoke. I fixed this by getting creative with some bits from an old Bretonnian sprue. The missing scythes on the same chariot where replaced by tips from Orruk Pig Stikka's (spears). And finally the boar on the left was stripped of the thickest layer of paint.

Two simple bases ready to receive a chariot.

I also prepared two bases for the chariots (before running out of large bases) and put the other crews and boars in bio-strip 20. Over the course of the week I've actually painted up the first chariot, it only needs its crew now to be completed.

One chariot covered in paint, Looking at it, I think the base might need a bit of extra work.
Next up (maybe in a separate post) some blabbing about another fancy base for my War Wyvern, a bit of talk on rebasing a Snotling pump wagon (maybe getting the rest of the snotlings ready for paint) and painting a few trolls. Let's just tease a bit with a picture of my workspace right now....

Top secret shot of my workspace filling up with a chaotic plethora of projects.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Painting myself out of my painting slump

As you may have seen by the lack of updates, I've hit a painting slump. Well, real life got a bit busy as well with a possible move in the near future and work, work, work (use Warcraft Peon voice here). I did finish the Genestealer part of my cult, but that was about it.

Sometimes you just lose the joy of working on a project. The best remedy (IMHO) is temporarily storing the models and moving on.
Around the time I finished these guys the dreaded painting slump hit me. I suspect every painter reaches this point once in a while although causes may vary. For me it is usually the sense that my painting is getting worse instead of better. This in turn makes the project I'm working on lose its appeal and before I know it the pots of paint are standing around idle, while the miniatures to be painted start staring. Seemingly asking: 'why haven't we been painted yet?' At this point painting feels like a chore. I used to force myself to finish a project by sheer grit, but this invariably ended with badly painted (rushed) miniatures and the strange sense I should've been payed by the hour for my work. Not a good investment of precious hobby hours. A few years ago I tried a different solution. I switched over to 'project boxes'. Basically a big plastic box to stuff an unfinished project in. It takes the accusing stares out of sight and I can get back to it at a later date.

Getting the annoying models out of sight is part one of fighting hobby fatigue. Part two is finishing a new interesting project (or picking up an old project box). I had the chance to change tack thanks to the arrival of Skarbrand.

Skarbrand basically is a huge blob of anger (carrying axes).
I managed to get my hands on a second hand unpainted version of this Greater Daemon of Khorne. Some people seem to solve their painting slump by selling their models. That deserves a big thanks from me as it saves hobby money. As the model arrived I decided to give myself a couple of days off to build and paint it. I stuffed my Genestealer Cult in a project box and got started with a fancy base.

The amount of hobby-zen you get from building a nice looking base should not be underestimated.
The basic building blocks of this base are bits from the Shattered Dominion Large Base Detail kit and a few leftovers from a converted Realmgate. While building it, I used up the last two skulls from the old GW Pack of Skulls. As I had to get the General's Handbook 2017 anyway I popped over to the local GW and picked up the new Citadel Skulls pack. Best investment in a while. I think I have enough skulls for the next couple of years. After adding skulls I painted the base first. Mostly because painting a base takes less skill then painting a miniature allowing me to get back into the whole holding a brush thing again.

Just add color...
Next came good old Skarbrand himself. After building, drying and some gap filling I airbrushed the big guy Khorne Red (what else ;). I left most armor plates off to make my life easier and painted these in a copperish color.

Skardbrand in progress. In the background an attempt at defeating hobby fatigue by building a (shitty) model airplane.
After this came a lot of detailing (and running out of Rakarth Flesh (I should remember to buy a new pot soon)). Finally I finished the model, and I'm quite happy with him. Unfortunately it has been raining here so I have to make do with rushed pictures without even an attempt at scenic background. Sorry for that.

Skarbrand is raging in the rain.

Detail of Skarbrand on his base. The Realmgate pedestals add a nice bit of height to make the model more intimidating.

I spent some time debating whether to add blood to the axes or not...I'm still not quite done debating that.
Skarbrand is a nice model, with an amazing bad-ass background. I can't wait to stick him on a gaming table sometime soon. Meanwhile, with this first aid treatment to my painting slump, I picked up someone's second hand Ironjaw Brutes and Megaboss.

Purchasing second hand models is a hobby onto itself. Actually it's almost an addiction. Here is me adding some Ironjawz to my Greenskinz army.
Seeing these bits inspired me to take out the old project box filled with Orruks and Moonclan Grots (Orcs&Goblins). At the close of my long weekend off I started detailing numbers 11-20 of my pink spiders.

I really want to finish these pink spiders this time around.
Opening up a project box always carries a bit of extra added risk of instant hobby fatigue with it. Especially my Greenskinz box as this one is exclusively filled with second hand models and sprues. It is one of those collections that has gotten completely out of hand. But right now I'm just psyched to paint more of my Greenskinz collection. Aside from the Spiderfang Grots and a bit of work on two Spear Chukka's I've finally assembled a group of Boyz that had been waiting on their old sprues.

Assembling Orruk Boyz makes you want to assemble even more Orruk Boyz. Should more....must finish these first....
My Boss on Wyvern should get a real paint job sometime, but I still can't figure if I'm going to try and safe this black skin paint job, go for green or maybe for an orange-red on the Wyvern.

I recall using an old Mike McVey 'Eavy Metal article to start on the black of this Wyvern, only to discover that its easier to read how McVey paint then it is to replicate his skill.
There is a box of Old school black-orcs to finish and a (temporarily) abandoned mass painting session of Moonclan Grots.

This is a very naughty way to store miniatures. I should not post this online....
For one of the other out of hand projects I've just ordered in some fresh bases This is my Boar Chariot fleet (needs a lot of repair work). The chariots have been picked out of a variety of different lots I bought over the years.

So many chariots, so few bases...
In the foreground of the picture above is my second ancient Snotling Pump Wagon. I should really finish that. But then I would need to figure out a speed-painting method for my rather over the top Snotling horde.

I admit have a Snotling has gotten to the point where I daren't pull them out of their plastic bags.
And then there is another old metal giant, two stone trolls, a couple of characters and so on, and so forth. With this much to paint I'm mostly wondering why I don't have any Boarboyz yet, and if I should pick up a couple of boxes :) This hobby, it makes madmen out of all of us. I'll part this long winded post with a shot of the bottom of the project box. There is an old (ancient) Azagh the Slaughterer I probably won't paint and haven't been able to sell (yet). A lot of spiders, ancient fanatics, squig herders and some wolf riders. Also in the shed, covered in Biostrip are a couple more trolls and some new fangled fanatics. Let's see how far I get before the next splat of hobby fatigue hits me and this box closes up again. Maybe if the weather gets a bit better I can do a quick group shot of my army so far.....we'll see.
Oh Azagh...will it be a sale or a painting session somewhere in the future?

Monday, August 14, 2017

I'll mark those Termagants, Hormagaunts and Spore Mines down as finished

In theory the holidays should be a perfect time to get some painting work done. In practice however...As a freelancer I get rather a lot of extra work over the summer severely reducing my hobby time. With a possible move up in housing in the future well time has been a bit limited. I did however find a few hours over the past weeks to finish painting my 'Gants, 'Gaunts and Spore Mines.

Not the best paint job ever, but it serves.
Just to be sure, these are not works of art. But as in my Tyranid army they will serve as additional cannon fodder so I did not aim for high quality here. Not sticking out as especially ugly in the rest of the army is quite ok here. I started with an airbrush basecoat, heavy wash and drybrush of the skin color. Then I forced myself to sit down in one or two hour bursts to assembly line paint the red carapace, wash it and finally highlight them. After that it was a flesh color for the guns, flesh wash and finally a bit of purple for lolling tongues and a random dark wash around the mouths to make the teeth stand out a bit more. I did get a chance to listen to some interesting lectures while painting (thank you YouTube).

I have seen some horde armies that were meticulously painted on a model per model basis, mine isn't one of those. 

I acquired most of these models second hand (I love buying and (occasionally selling) old miniatures). Most of these were sent in an old shoe box and they smelled of frying pan. I had to strip them and a small number were so badly put together (or damaged) that they are lying in a 'to be smashed and used as bits box'. One of the painted models is missing it's left arm, quite a few others have a gap between the left arm and the gun. All reasons not to go overboard painting them. On the plus side. They were extremely cheap. After this additions my Tyranid horde has 40 Termagants with Fleshborers, 10 with Spike Rifles and 20 Hormagaunts. The shoe box still contains a badly damaged Hyve Tyrant and about 5 Tyranid Warriors on sprue. I should consider painting these soon.

I love Spore Mines in the new edition. 
Quite a few of these spore mines are made of metal with some plastic ones from an older starter set rounding things out. I had to fix the tails on two of these with green stuff as they had broken off. Unfortunately I'm not much of a sculptor, but luckily grass tufts help cover the worst of it. With 8th edition a lot of enemy troops can teleport/drop pod/burrow and fly anywhere onto the board as long as they stay 9 inch away from your models. The Tyranids offer quite a nice counter to these shenanigans with their cheap Spore Mines units. You can quite easily acquire enough to cover your deployment zone against unwanted visitors. And if they enter it a few turns later you can float towards them and explode. As the Spore Mines are flying units they can even give flyers a nasty hit. Basically 40K now has a mine field that actually does what mine fields are supposed to do (discourage the enemy from entering a particular zone).

These final four Hormagaunts round out a unit of twenty.
Spore Mines are also quite useful for taking over enemy area's. Allowing you to float down at a distance of 12 inches and be obnoxious in other board quadrants. Add the burrowing activities of Rippers, Trygons and the like and you can make an the life of an enemy overly dependent on deep strikes very hard indeed. Now I can even do this with reasonably painted models. I painted the 4 Hormagaunts on the last picture to expand my existing unit from the silly 16 to a nice even 20. Now I think I'll stop painting 'Gants and 'Gaunts for a long while. As a matter of fact I ended up working on the purple and blue Genestealers for my cult. Yes I'm sticking with purple and blue even if it means not fitting with the red and cream of this army.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Inquisitor Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau arrives (unexpectedly)

With the rise of my Genestealer Cult it was only a matter of time before the inquisition showed up. Turns out it was sooner rather then later. And none other then the very first inquisitor ever conceived: Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau. Now to wait for a datasheet...(and wait, and wait, and don't hold breath etc...)

"Did someone mention Genestealer Cults?"
For people scratching their heads at this. Obiwan has an illustration and back story in the original Rogue Trader book. Here is his original picture.

"I hunt psykers and mutants!"
No clue why, but I really felt like owning a model of him. Searching for conversion bits I mentioned him on the Oldhammer community. It turned out there was a model and a member was kind enough to give me his . I got a brownish sense to his coat from the picture and I tried to faithfully replicate his intimidating yin yang and checks (I should have used the picture above for reference as my yin yang is 90 degrees off).

"Did I hear the chitter of multiple arms?"
In between this I have been at a short painting hiatus. I can't shake the feeling that I should paint my cult in the colors of my existing Tyranid army. That has caused a delay. I've also been getting in multiple eight edition games. That didn't help either (only so much spare time). My first game was with my badly planned Asta Militarum army. It actually manages to perform reasonably well on the battlefield in eight edition. Next up where my Eldar. These guys are still magnificent (except for Swooping Hawks, they are really useless now). I like my Eldar so much that the start of a small Ynnari force is on mail order (the triumvirate to begin with). The last couple of games where played with my Tyranid army. They have changed a lot in eight, and boy are they fun to pester (and finally eat) your opponent with. Here is a quick action shot of my last battle.

Spore mines have turned into excellent area denial weapons in eight (sort off what mines are supposed to be for if I''m not mistaken). 
At this point one or two of the more puritan readers of this blog may have sprayed their screens with coffee (or another beverage of choice). Yes I occasionally play with unpainted models (and very often against). In this case I needed to add some units to army on short notice. As I still had a shoebox with second hand Tyranid models (and sprues) gathering dust in the shed I could quickly get my hands on some spore mines and extra Termagants and Hormagant. Unfortunately I did not have the time to paint those (just strip and basecoat). To make amends (and because Tyranids are most likely on the program in the future) I've started a sloppy mass paint of my 'gants and spore mines.

Step one: ignore how badly these models have been assembled by the previous owner(s). Step two: strip paint then basecoat. Step three: Ushabti Bone from the airbrush. Step four: slop on too much Sepia wash while trying not to think of mr. two-thin-coats.

And here are even more (badly assembled) 'gants.
It is a bit of a personal challenge to see if I can paint these guys to reasonable tabletop standard before going insane and throwing them back in a box with other half-painted models. We'll see how it goes. After this, it is back to the cult (hopefully with a decision on the color scheme).

Monday, July 10, 2017

The rise of the Genestealer Cult (with some fancy basing work (in progress))

With only a few new snap-fit Death Guard on the horizon and the codex announced for somewhere later this year there is room to complete one of my other open projects....or I could just start a new one! Squirrel! I love Genestealer Cults. When they where first introduced (at least to me) in the back story of the original Space Hulk (Suicide Mission) they where intriguing. But what blew me (and many others if the Oldhammer Group is a guideline) away where the limousines introduced with a heavily converted (and part scratch built) Genestealer Cult that appeared in White Dwarf 124 (1991). Finding no decent pictures on the internet I took my copy out of storage to snap a quick (hopefully crisper) picture. More can be read on these models on the Eldritch Epistles blog here and a few snaps are available on the venerable Realm of Chaos 80s blog here.

The original (Khorne worshipping) Genestealer Cult that got me hooked to their background.
Way back then I was wasting my spare cash on Skaven and Space Orks. I sold the few hybrid models I bought (with the plan to make their own matching limousine) off a few years ago to a collector. No regrets there as the release of the Deathwatch Overkill boxed set in 2016 saw the return of the cult (and the scale is (as usual) off with the older stuff). It turned out the plastic Space Marines in this box where rather more popular than the Genestealers so I managed to pick up a set of sprues for a very low-ball price. These have been languishing on the plastic-pile ever since, as the elegance of Age of Sigmar turned me off Warhammer 40K completely. Now with 8th edition, it was about time for them to make a comeback, so I took them out of storage and set to work. Here is a group shot of the assembled models.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Now the sprues for Deathwatch Overkill pose a slight conundrum as you get odd amounts of cultists that don't fit with the unit structure on the new datasheets. You get 16 neophytes (including two equipped with heavy mining lasers) while a squad has 10 or 20 members. The Hybrids number 12 while a squad is made up of a multiple of 5 members. For now I put 2 hybrids and 6 neophytes in storage. Going by the shots of the sprue if (when) I buy a Goliath Truck I'll get four extra neophyte bodies I can keep off the truck and use these to fill out my squats. But let's paint this lot first. I had a lot of fun making small conversions to fit the other models with the new rules. For instance this group of hybrids has been equiped with hand flamers by cutting the middle bit off regular flamers (and taking their autopistols from them).

I had to cut up five flamers to build these guys, as you can see from the metallic paints on the front ones, some models in my display cases are now without flamers.
Insert a quick enthusiastic rant here about the return of the good old autogun with the advent of Chaos Cultist and Genestealer Cult models. Anyway the sprues also contained an underwhelming 2 Genestealers (minimum squad size is 5). Here my hoarder-like habits came to the rescue as I had some old second hand Genestealers from an old starter set at hand.

As a degenerate wargames hoarder I always have a chance to find some missing models in the shed.

The Neophyte squad required a bit of extra cutting and slashing. First off I found an old spare bit to give my leader a web pistol (don't know/don't care what it does on the table, worth it as an homage to Rogue Trader). I also gave him a chainsword by cutting some hand and swapping them. I'm not entirely sure what I think about his head, but at the time I thought it was a nice pose of someone not entirely sure of what to do with his fancy stolen weapons. We'll see what happens while painting.

Still not entirely sure about the pose of the squad leader. Let's see what happens after painting and proper basing.
Already slightly visible in the back is the icon bearer. He has been equipped with a new hand holding a pole arm to which the top of a Space Marine banner pole was added. In the end I cut of the entire left arm and re-positioned it so the banner was held high (the same might happen later on to someone's head). One addition that deserves special mention is the limousine I ordered off Aliexpress when I bought the Cult sprues. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to make this look a bit more futuristic, but I'll keep it around for inspiration (it looks way too big from this unfortunate angle, but it actually scales reasonably well with the models)

This thing is not as huge as the picture would have you believe.
Aside from the models I also wanted to do something special with the bases. Earlier this year I ordered a bunch of green stuff textured rolling pins of Green Stuff World here was a chance to use them with actual green stuff (in stead of polystyrene). I took a few false starts to get the hang of rolling the Factory Floor texture onto my bases (push blob of green stuff on base first, make it very wet, then roll). Here is a shot of the texture roller with a few 25 mm round bases.

It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of these. Also note the raised bit on the top left of the picture, I opened a fresh tube of superglue and instantly decided to incorporate the protective ring into a base.
I don't mind the wobbly parts on some bases as it will be representing old warped metal. I am planning to go for the original Genestealer purple/blue color scheme for the band and I will most definitely steal GW's grey/orange mining revolt scheme for the cult. Old rusting industrial bases will I think work quite well with that. Here are the required 32mm and 25mm round bases together.

Slightly wobbly, but for a first batch, they'll do fine.
Although not quite the evil grinning patriarch on his own throne I rather like this interpretation of the monster stat 'got the cult together'. I had a hell of a time getting the green stuff patern on his base right. In the end I decided to cover up the biggest failures with a bit of debris (yeah I cheated). I added some extra skulls to blend the plastic base of the model with the 60mm base. A light sprinkling of PVA and sand was added to the part where the pattern just didn't stick (and to a few parts where it did, just to blend it all together. The green broken (metal ;) spar is part off a balloon stick, having kids ensures you can always find some creative basing materials around the house...

Now where is Ellen Ripley when you really, really need her?
 I actually got around to a first few coats of paint on the bases as well. I started off airbrush priming Vallejo Black, followed by Vallejo Sombre Grey and topped with a light spray of Vallejo Wolf Grey. Then I found out I had multiple pots of Army Painter Strong Tone so I decided to use some of that to drown the bases in wash.

Two thin coats? Recess wash? I say: drown them in the stuff and try to salvage what you can with Q-tips!
I used a q-tip to take excess wash off the middle of tiles and then used a hair dryer to speed the drying along. In the meantime I checked some pictures of modern Genestealers to figure out what is carapace and what is not. Turns out it depends on who is painting. I want extra purple so I'm going to go for less blue carapace. In anticipation I sprayed a coat of 3:1 Genestealer Purple:Slaanesh Grey on the Genestealers, followed by a light Zenithal of 3:1 Slaanesh Grey:Genestealer Purple. The Genestealers took position beneath the hairdryer in anticipation of a purple Army Painter wash.

A bit of purple showing up on the Patriarch (bottom left).
After washing the bases I went back in with the Airbrush and I sprayed an extra light layer of Vallejo Wolf Grey back on to re-establish the grey.

A bit more clean-up and a session under the hairdryer later the bases are ready to be detailed. 
As a last move I used Nuln Oil to darken the openings in the grates. Now the bases are ready to have some color, rust, metal and dried blood added to them, but I got the chance to play a spontaneous game of 40K so I cleaned up my tools for the weekend and quickly slapped my ragtag Astra Militarum force together (Catachan Jungle Fighters) to tell the Cult Mechanicum what was what. Lesson of the day: yelling "stand and deliver" to a Onager Dunecrawler does not get you any loot (it does get the damn Adam and the Ants song stuck in your head though).

Miraculously the sergeant actually survived this encounter with the Dunecrawler, the same cannot be said for the nine guys that where around him at the start of the battle.
Last night I quickly slapped together this base for a very nostalgic side-project I'll be working on as well. The subject is top secret, but attentive readers might spot what is going to be glued to this base.

What will sit on this base? It is a enigma, wrapped in a mystery (actually it is covered in Biostrip-20 after my first painting attempt failed miserably...

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day of the living Death Guard

My final four models from Nurgle's side of the Dark Imperium box have been painted. It took a day longer than planned as I completely forgot to sand the bases. In the caes of the Blight Drone I also cut a plastic barrel in half to make it a little more interesting. Anyway the command group featuring (from left to right) a Noxious Blightbringer, Lord of Contagion and Malignant Plaguecaster.

You to can get the full Nurgle treatment! Just call 555-Death-Guard and the nice men and women of our promotion team will be around!

The Noxious Blightbringer carries a lot of bells. The one on his back is called the Tocsin of Misery it reduces enemy leadership and helps Death Guard units move slightly faster (by re-rolling run dice). For some reason the cloth tabard just screamed 'paint me white' at me. Being vulnerable to warp influence like that I decided to practice a bit of wet blending.

My wet-blend worked! Oh dear white on a Nurgle model...what was I thinking?
As opposed to usual practice runs (that end up with me painting another color over the failed attempt it actually worked. Now my back was rather sore from slapping myself on it, and I had a Nurgle model with a pristine white tabard I could not countenance painting over. As you can see one picture up, I decided to apply a subtle shade of Agrax, a few dabs of Athonian Camoshade, some Nurgle's Rot and at the bottom the excellent blood painting technique I stole from ThirdEyeNuke over at Tale of Painters.

This years Nurgle look features a black cloak, rusty chainmail and slimy horns. Basically the same look we saw on the runways last year.
Emboldened by my white wet-blend I decided to give black another try. Although the deep red cloaks actually look rather cool I want my death guard slightly more muted giving the fumes a chance to really stand out. I took Vallejo German Grey as my base black and just mixed it with Dead White to get the two black cloaks highlighted. I then followed with Vallejo Game Color Black (a bad black, should be called 'dark grey') to deepen the darkness in the folds. All in all I a happy with the cloaks. The greens are a blend of GW Warpstone Glow, GW Moot Green and Vallejo Yellow Green. For the Noxious Blightbringer I decided to paint all the strange bubbly bits sticking out in the same yellow as the puff of smoke released from his hand. I wanted to give the impression that the same noxious fumes escape from every broken seal in his power armor.

The Plague Drone looks wonderfully menacing, but I have to admit that fixing the guns properly was a bit of a challenge.
Next up was the Blight Drone. I basically followed the same scheme as I used for the rest of this warband, adding a bit of airburshed OSL around the eye lens to make the red glow. It also helped brighten up the red of the lens itself, so that was a nice bonus. The real fun with this model however was to be had on the back.

When in doubt while basing just cut a barrel in half and stick it on, it never fails (at least that's what I think).
This is where the flesh that was fused with the metal of the drone is bulging out. Another chance to go wild with purple, yellow, green, red and brown washes. Whee. I painted every boil red and added a nice yellow dot on top. Larger gashes on the front and the back of the drone where subtly worked with the blood technique mentioned before. Nurgle's Rot  was applied as well as Nihilakh Oxide (both on the drone and on the characters). I always keep a big dry brush handy when working with Nihilakh. The trick is to apply a dot and spread it out over an area. Then apply another dot where I want the oxide to really stand out. It does not quite conform to real oxidation I guess, but it does add a bit more color to otherwise rather drab models. I use it to streak chainmail and breastplates with the same reasoning.

Group shot of the Nurgle warband, I'm in a bit of shock that I painted it (mostly) over the weekends in under a month.
Long story short, my first Death Guard models are now finished and ready to give the new edition a go. My regular gaming night is Wednesday (club night). As I already had an Age of Sigmar game lined up two weeks ago and gave a demo of Age of Sigmar at another club last week I haven't actually had a chance to try the new rules. That will change this Wednesday. Next up, I don't know. I'm a bit spoiled with several very interesting projects on my paint desk at the same time and GW has not released a second wave of Death Guard so there is time. I'll probably try to get some older projects finished or perhaps build a farm...hmmm that was also on the list. Never a dull moment with this hobby :)