Monday, August 10, 2009

Storage Tanks

This is a bit of terrain that I build. A couple of big storage tanks with some barbed wire on top. A quick shopping list:

  • The base of the figure is a bit of 6mm mdf sanded to have rounded corners.
  • The main part of the tanks is formed bij 100mm pvc drainage pipe cut at about 10 centimeters.
  • The big tanks are closed of with a bit of foam board and glued in place with PVA glue.
  • the small pipes are bendable drinking straws. I drilled a hole in the PVC pipes to put these in place.
  • I pushed some toothpicks in the foamboard lid which closes off the 100mm pipe and. Some GW barbed wire was glued to that (the toothpicks don't add anything to the construction, but it stops the barbed wire from looking like it's floating on thin air)
  • The bushes are standard model store moss.
  • The sand on the base was 'borrowed' from a local (full scale) road reconstruction. I hope the plastic bag of sand I stole won't destroy the road ;)
  • The rust puddle is a combination of getting creative with some bright orange, brown and red paints, followed by a squirt of water effects.
  • The wiring on the small bridge connecting the two tanks was bought stock from a modeling store. Expensive but I have a lifetime supply now
  • Oh yeah the ladders are from an imperial sector kit I had. They suck in the original buildings anyway.
  • I base coated the tanks with Rough Coat, then went to town with the airbrush, followed by a lot of weathering with a big'old brush.

The idea behind this bit is that I want raised terrain on the table without resorting to the tried and trusted hill. So that will mean making storage tanks, sand/rubble piles and perhaps some other buildings with multiple levels in the future.

So enough with the talking and on with the pictures:

Top view of storage tank with Ork Nob and Boyz

Rusty drinking straw pipes and a pool of rust water made from universal glue.
Some Icelandic moss to add to the character of the pipes.

The rear of the storage tanks with ladders for access.

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