Saturday, August 28, 2010

A few basic warhammer buildings.

To celebrate the release of the new Warhammer edition I decided I needed some new terrain. To start with I made an old shed using a template from White Dwarf 140 (yeah I'm getting old).
Because Vampires and graveyards go together well. My second project was a graveyard. And to finish it all of I made an inn.

A shed based on an old White Dwarf prototype.

Another view of the shed, with a Black Orc axe at the chopping block to give it some character.
A basic graveyard surrounded by walls from the imperial sector set by Games Workshop.

The central mausoleum on the graveyard was inspired by the one depicted on the Talisman board game.

An old in that can be situated anywhere in the Warhammer world. 

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