Monday, November 29, 2010

Testing paint schemes on the jungle ruin

As I left off last time, I had glued together my jungle temple but I had not based it and I had no idea what colors I was going to use.

Basing terrain is simple and fun. I opted for my standard Ikea-sand on PVA (lots of rough sand, at a low price (in the grim darkness of the future they still have flatpack furniture etc.). A bit of sprue rubble on the sides of the buildings gives the impression of collapse and takes away the strange look of a straight wall ending in nothing at the side of the base.

On the bases itself (I use 6mm MDF for basing of terrain) I added some plastic tiles to give the impression of a floor long since corroded. I cut the plastic tiles from the remnants of a modular movement tray set.

Anyway. All the buildings are based. I started out undercoating the lot with Vermin Brown using an airbrush. Well that was a fiasco. I would almost guess that Vermin Brown reacts to the thinner in my airbrush by clogging up. So after wasting my first pot of Vermin Brown I used a brush (and a fresh pot) to put it on one building.

Fiasco number two: Vermin Brown turned out to be way to orange for my purpose. So I went over to Bestial Brown, watered it down and covered my buildings in that. All buildings? No. I ran out of Bestial Brown so that will be another trip to the local GW soon.

Anyway to test the rest of the colors I used the smallest building in the lot. I covered the corner of the temple in Bestial Brown and then drybrushed it progressively lighter with the following colors: Bubonic Brown, Kommando Khaki, Bleached Bone, Skull White. The end result looked like this:

The I covered the base in my standard terrain base color (Coffee Brown by Folk Art, useless for miniature painting (IMHO) but watered down it's wonderfully cheap to smear on bases).

After the basic basing color was down I considered my temple walls a bit to white, so I inked them with Gryphone Sepia. On the edges and rubble I used some Devlan Mud.

Being rather satisfied with the paint job I then proceeded to go for some dressing on the base. I used scorched grass on the outer edges (but not on the inner ones, to maintain the illusion that where a floor once was less is growing then on the outside.)

To finish it I needed some jungle foliage. So I went to the local pet store and got some aquarium plants. To get the plants to stick I made tiny balls of Green Stuff and stuck them in there. The green stuff I glued to the base with some extra PVA glue. This is the end result:

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