Friday, November 19, 2010

Building jungle ruins for Warhammer 40k

I intend to build a jungle temple like the one featured in quite a number of White Dwarf issues lately.

I have spend an inordinate amount looking at the scenery, which is based on the Arcane Ruins set and a lot of Imperial Sector tiles. The rather huge piece of scenery seems to be made of multiple medium and large bases so it can be put together in different ways.

One of the coolest buildings is the one with the stairs. I made it from foamboard, with some cardboard tiling and stirring spoons. As you can see it has just been given its basic sanding to remove gaps at the bottom and a bit of sand on the stairs to help with weathering later on. The next step for this building will be adding some plastic tiles to the mdf base.

The second building I made is one with a balcony. As with the first building the basic function is not to be an obstacle, it is actually a high tech 'mountain'. The balcony bit will give troops a better line of sight and cover. To make a better transition from the end of a side panel to nothing (well maybe another building on the table) I added sprue rubble on the sides. Basically I spend an evening cutting up old sprues and now I have enough of this to last me through a few more terrain projects  Just squirt an excessive amount of PVA on the base toss sprue rubble on it and push it all together to get a pile of rubble.

The third building is a larger side building with lots of cover and an interesting shape that will block a lot of LOS. I do not have a lot of spectacularly interesting facts to add to this one. The floor tile glued to the sprue rubble should give a bit more of a feeling that an actual ceiling collapsed.

The fourth and last building is a small corner...erm...thingy(?). Well I had a few bits and tiles left and I glued this together. I actually suspect it will turn out to be the most used bit of the set. Smaller pieces are easier to place on any table because they don't instantly dominate the entire look and feel of a table.

I will be tiling and sanding (as in putting sand on, not making them smooth) these bases this weekend, hopefully I will actually get around to base coating them as well. The next challenge will be painting. I want to get the same colour as the ones in White Dwarf. I am guessing they started with Vermin Brown and worked up to bleached bone, although I don't think that will get the 'orangy' glow you see in the paint.

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