Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Building a Warhammer 40K Tactica Control

After completing my Plasma Generator I was planning to go back to Sketchup and design the next building. But as all my hobby stuff was just lying around anyway and I only had little bits of foamboard left, I decided to just start cutting and gluing and see where I would end up. I started out with a picture of the Tactica Control from Dawn of War.

So I replicated the support pieces and tried some different angles to see if I could space the building correctly.

The next step was making the big round thing in the back. I used an old plastic christmas decoration and cardboard. I painted the cardboard with a few layers of watered down pva to make it very solid indeed.

The next step involved gluing on some random bits from the bit box, squeezing in some Green stuff to close the gaps en more amounts of watered down PVA to seal the building.

For the next step I covered the building in glue and sand, made a base and forgot to take pictures.
After applying some paint, some weathering powders and a freehand I'm very satisfied with, this is the end result:

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