Monday, September 19, 2016

The Leper Messiahs join my Nurgle warbandI II

For me the trouble with Chaos is making decisions. I actually would like to have five armies, one dedicated to each of the major gods (with daemonic support of course) and a group of undivided Slaves to Darkness. As I also have ambitions to paint just about every other army in Age of Sigmar and 40K this will probably not happen for quite some time. For now though I have a group of ten warriors ready to fight for Grandfather Nurgle.

*wheeze* *wheeze* Plagues for the *cough* <damn flies> Plague God! (It's not easy being a Chaos Warrior).
I dubbed them the Leper Messiahs because I've always intended to name some Chaos units after favorite metal songs. Before painting this group started out as undivided or maybe Tzeentch or Slaanesh or Nurgle. I actually painted one of the cloaks blue before deciding on Nurgle as it fits in better with the rest of the warband I've been working on for the past weeks.

I didn't like way the horn seemed impossible to blow when lifted to a helmet, but I did not want to give these guys faces to go along with a bit of a faceless mob thing my warband has going on. So I carefully scraped the hand of horn and glued it to the belt.
Their armor is a rather clean for a group of Nurgle warriors so maybe I'll go back with some Sepia and Earthshade washes and perhapes a dab of the Modelmates rust. On the other hand, it contrasts nicely with the rough look of the Blight Kings.

"Hmmm a delivery for six hundred yards of sickly green cloth you say? Are you quite sure you're not a nefarious Chaos General?"
The whole unit was a bit of a test to see how quickly I can paint an entire unit of Chaos Warriors. This took me Tuesday evening with the airbrush and a Sunday-afternoon for the rest. So I should be able to expand this unit as time goes on and I start feeling inclined to purchase more of these plastic chaos warriors.

Having some fun with rust here.
The last bit is still an open question as the kit itself is not very exciting. It lacks options for posing and for getting very creative with bits from other sets. On the other hand, it is very nice to be able to add to a unit quickly. We'll see. For those who wonder, yes I did cut the horns of the helmets off. I still think it would be silly for a serious warriors to give the enemy something to grab. Not pictured in this update the Khorne models from the Age of Sigmar starter set (also without horns). I'll be spending some time with those guys and a few random models that I ordered (or found in the shed). For now here is a last shot of the banner (which I'm not entirely happy with but well it is finished).

I felt like just sloshing on a bit of paint to freehand the banner. Unfortunately the lack of care and planning shows :s

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