Monday, September 12, 2016

Enter the Putrid Blight Kings

This weekend I finished painting my unit of Putrid Blight Kings. I should say first unit because after painting these models I really want another set of them. So much fun, so many option, so incredibly disgusting. As an extra honorary member of the unit I also painted a Plague Lord. This guy and the plastic Cairn Wraith are two of my favorite miniatures launched by GW in the past ten years. I really want another one, just to do some interesting conversions on it.

We heard the tea was ready and thought we should drop in.
In the back my oversized banner bearer is just visible. I like huge banners as a nod to the old school warhammer feel. In this case I actually attempted to drawy all the imagery of the banner by hand on a piece of paper (in stead of 'borrowing' a design and printing it lightly before painting).

Now that is what I call a reasonably sized banner.

In the end I'm reasonably happy althoiugh I will use a few stronger colors on my next baner to tie it together. The three head form a Nurgle symbol but are so muted you can't see it from tabletop height. I had some fun using the Realm of Chaos - The Lost and the Damned book for inspiration. Also the runes on the banner are all from the pages listing Chaos Runes.

Front rank in focus!

Rear rank in focus!
Next up I should finish my Daemon Pince. I also have some regular Chaos Warriors on sprue, but I think these are rather neat and static for use in a Nurgle host. I also have rather a large collection of Khorne types lounging around so perhaps I should make a quick leap to that force and add some raging psychopaths to my horde. Throughout whatever I end up painting however is another big project. More on that later on.

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