Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ebolax the Great marches for Rotwater Blight

With a last few finishing touches complete Ebolax the Great, sorcerer of Nurgle is ready to march to Rotwater Blight.

It's over there, everyone!
I had a real blast painting (and repairing) this model that I bought second hand. It had a missing hoof that has been replaced by cannibalizing an old undead horse.

Bringing out the screaming faces in the wood required some careful drybrusing.
For this model I tried to use a lot of extremely watered down colors to put in different shades. The horses skin lesions and the edges of the exposed skull have been washed with different watered down washed and red or pink paints. The Nurgle rune on the back was then accentuated by using P3 Magenta and working up from there.

The raven has red eyes, so there is no mistaking that he is evil.

The metals and the Scythe started out as Leadbelcher receiving heavy washes of Agrax Earthshade and Gryphonne Sepia. The edges where highlighted with watered down P3 Cold Steel. And as a final touch I stippled on some Modelmate Rust. The mushrooms on the base where produced by supergluing a split pea on a cocktail stick and cutting it to size. Getting a brown mushroom color is surprisingly easy. Just paint the mushroom Ushabti Bone let it dry and then appy a large dollo of Agrax Earthshade on top. I will try to bring some variance in mushroom color on my other bases.

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