Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Green Horde rides forth, supported by a soulful Orruk Shaman

Today I finished a major part of the project I started on September 18th by applying the final blobs of paint to my Orruk Boar Chariots. Now five of these machines stand ready to enter the table and cause a mediocre bit of havoc.

Grunt, grung, stab, stab, Waaagh! (and all that...).
To be very honest I never really liked the concept of chariots, but painting these has changed my mind. I did a lot of converting as I found all of these in various states of 'crushination' at the bottom of second hand Warhammer lots I purchased over the past few years. Aside from the boss-chariot (only by name, no rules available), I'm quite happy with my Fury Road inspired 'guitar-guy' chariot.

Warhammer games of all stripes need more 'guitar guy' conversions, or am I the only Fury Road fanboy wielding a brush?
It should actually be called a drum-tar I guess, bringing it on par with the key-tar in the realms of bad taste. The leather clad head is actually part of the Runtherd kit. I also took some time with this chariot (and the other two newly finished ones) to add a bunch of bits. It all makes the mono-model look different enough to get a messy Orruk horde look. I did not give the boars all the attention they should get but these models are so ugly, I just get annoyed staring at them for the time required. So these have been painted at a very negligent high speed.

Over there! Stab 'm! Stab 'm good!!!!
Sorry for the rather badly focused picture here. It is autumn so I have to take quick shots between rain. With a (delayed) move still in the works most of my usual backdrops are also unavailable. Perhaps I should switch things around and build some terrain next, but then there is the risk I will not finish my Snotlings and regular boyz. No, I should stick to the plan and just extend Orctober into Nidvember...

Meanwhile, safely from the back of a flying monster, the view was amazing...
Lets finish up the chariot project with a top-shot. I decided a bit late into the project to add some flowers to the bases. I actually bought those to spruce up my Higborn Aelf bases but I think it works quite well with the Orruks too.

Aw man, do I have to use Gaze of Mork? I'd rather just sit around and mope....
While waiting for my (grossly overused) Agrax Earthshade to dry I took a brush to this soulful Orruk Shaman. I love this model for his melancholic expression. As for the paint I decided to keep it mostly simple and just use a lot of different browns. I took some time with highlights, washes and glazes on the staff to give it a proper magical feeling.

I've held this sword up against so many different metal models I've lost count. Now it is finally on the back it was made for.
As I finished the model up I spotted a small metal cilinder on its back and realized that it was needed for an orphan sword I had in my bits box. So not only did I finish another Orruk, I also solved the mystery of the odd dagger*. All in all I had a splendid Sunday and even if I don't paint another Orruk in the next two days I think I can call this Orctober a success.

*scenario pending ;)