Monday, November 13, 2017

An(other) Orruk Warboss steps onto the stage...

Has any serious research been conducted regarding the sanity of wargamers? Just as I was about to actually finish my remaining Orruks I went ahead and bought even more Orruks! *sigh* Anyway a bunch of Black Orcs Orruk 'Ardboyz and an Orruk Warboss (in two versions) have joined the 'to be painted' line of models. It was a second hand offer that proved to nice to resist. As a way of atoning for my reckless spending I've finished the Orruk Warboss on a boar.

I can't wait to bum rush this villain into some hapless enemies. 

I bought this model waving a flag and sporting a different head. A few deft flicks of the scalpel later and it is a warboss with an axe, a shield and a killer one eyed stare. Orruks on boars shouldn't be in the background waving flags, they should run screaming ahead of the horde and start putting the axe to the enemy. I've switched the flag to his counterpart on foot (to be painted).

Blood on the axe, or no blood on the axe? That is the question. I always feel like adding blood to the axe but I'm worried that it will look like a cheap effect so I stop myself.
Of all the things that changed over the years I have to say ready to paint 'ogre face' shields are among my favorites. An ogre face adds a lot of character. Ready made ogre face shields look better than my mediocre freehand skills ever could make a shield look. But back to generalized insanity, here are a few snaps of my trays with models to be painted soon(ish).

Screw focus, just work on everything at once!
My main tray features Goblin crews for my Spear Chukka's and Doom Diver catapults (and one catapult and two Spear Chukka's). I've also assembled two metal giants that were languishing in the to-do box, two trolls that are 'almost finished', three ancient Ruglud Orcs that I just purchased to fill out that unit to twenty strong. Some of the new Orruk Brutes and a Skaven Doom Flayer that has inexplicably surfaced on this tray....Oh yeah and a bunch of Squig Herders and Grot Fanatics.

Almost done: just add a few more washes, some edge highlights, green for the skin, a few browns and some reds.
Tray number two currently features twenty Ardboyz. I painted a unit of ten metal Arboyz a few years back, and bought another ten metal Arboyz from a friend. With the plastic set I acquired two weeks ago I could finally glue together the right sort of Ardboyz to make one unit of twenty with two hand weapons (and command) and one of ten with two-handed weapons (and command). That'll save me a lot of head scratching and counting whilst playing. One major change Orruk 'Ardboyz have undergone as they metamorphosed from Black Orc is that you have to choose before battle what weapon combination they use instead of alternating between rounds. The models above have already been painted (airbrushed) metal and partly washed. It should not be a massive job to get the lot painted up. (at least that's what I keep telling myself).

Who was the idiot that glued this guys face to his body before painting? I was that idiot!
Last but not least is an Orruk Meganob in (currently) very boring armor. I do not want to follow GW's lead and paint it bright yellow, blue or red. But just metal and a bit of washing is not going to cut it. As I've already foolishly glued the head to the body (making it impossible to give the face a proper paint job) I think I'm going to go wild with this model and just experiment away. Not shown on the painting station is a solitary Deathwatch Space Marine. The local store manager has asked all customers to build and paint one for a special plan, and who am I not to join in on the fun?

A quick snap of the ten Orruk Ardboyz awaiting reinforcements in my display cabinet (with apologies for the poor lighting).
Anyway with the end of painting Orruks almost in sight I've foolishly bought even more Orruks to paint. Add to that an order of Shadespire and breaking ranks and ordering a non-GW miniatures game and I have more then enough to keep me painting for a long while....However Christmas is around the corner and with it will probably come the (special price) collection boxes...oh dear the to-do-list will just grow....let's not mention Necromunda just really...I should not go and pick up a copy....I can wait until January....oh oh....

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