Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Boyz, Boyz, Boyz, get ready for a Waaagh!

Not that they need it, but my Snotlings have got some backup in the form of twenty angry Orruk Boyz.

Hack, slay, blood, gore, nothing less, nothing more!

As part if my (extended) Orctober I assembled these models and undercoated them with a Mournfang brown spray I had on hand. After that I painted five (the boss, banner bearer, drummer and two random boyz), planning to paint the rest in groups of five. As with the Snotlings this didn't work out, so inspired by just forcing myself to paint 'the lot' I sat down and painted them all (Ken Burn's excellent The Vietnam War documentary provided a very nice background that helped me keep going through the painting).

I love the expressions on Orruk models, and think the most important part of painting is giving some extra love to the faces. 
The banner is a piece of paper on a set of spare Pig Stikka's that come with the Orruk Boyz. It had to be done as I like big banners. With all the work on the Chariots last month I think I'm actually running out of spare Pig Stikka's.

After a single freehand I thought 'no', and decided not to do more. I'll save it for more important models.
The Orruk boyz could be spiced up with a some freehands (like the one in the center of the image above), but I have a lot more Orruks to paint, and I'm slowly but surely getting the ambition to actually paint my way through the entire supposedly green colored part of the lead&plastic pile. In other words, I'm calling this group finished.


  1. I really like the idea of the Orctober, it´s very nice. You are working so hard in your Orc (Urruk) army. I have plenty of them, as they were my first Fantasy army, but i have more of them to Paint. my second arachnarok, Azagh ,3 new trolls, 10 goblins spider riders, a second unit of 20 night goblins and a few fanatics. I think that they reproduce like gremlins, in the night while i´m sleeping, jajajajaja.
    Some day I think I´l finish painting them.

    1. The trouble with Orcs (aside from deciding how I should spell their names ;) is that they have so many fun models, and even more options for crazy conversions. That or they do indeed reproduce whilst waiting for a paint job. I've been in a painting fugue because I really want to finish the lot I've collected and even while almost making it I've already went ahead and got new ones. So let me join you in saying some day.....