Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Freezing green stuff

I made the joyous mistake of purchasing a new computer game called Subnautica. Set in a science fiction background you take the role of a lone survivor crash landed on an ocean world. It basically combines survival games with a fascinating storyline. All well and good, but it does take a humongous bite out of my painting time. So a bit of a boring update this week as I waste my spare time swimming in a fictitious ocean. Green stuff, also known as Kneadite, we all know it and (some of us) love it. I buy mine in 36 inch rolls through an e-bay trader called Trolltrader. Unfortunately Green Stuff has a shelf life and with my limited sculpting ability it usually starts going a bit tough around the time I'm halfway through a roll. As tough a the forgotten (and right up there with 'sand' overpriced) pack of Green Stuff at your local GW. I usually turn my green stuff into sand bags when it starts to go. With the arrival of a new supply I thought 'time for an experiment'.

I should not have basecoated buildings quite so close to my ruler...

I read somewhere on a Facebook sculpting group (yes it begins with a dream (and usually ends with waking up)) about freezing Green Stuff. Apparently freezing helps keep green stuff fresh and the advice is to just unfreeze the limited amount you need and keep the rest well frozen. I'm going to be doing just that. Unfortunately I'm low on squeeze bags (no idea what these are actually called). So I opted for sixteen strips measuring about five centimeters (two inches) each (the bagged ten centimeter strip is for direct use).

Running out of baggies, I am definitely not a druk dealer (or a very successful one).
After sticking them in separate bags, I collected the lot in a bigger bag.
Small baggies in bigger bag.
And stuck this in a drawer in the freezer (that most definitely should be de-iced and cleaned, but that is for another time.
Bigger bag in freezer drawer (mental note: come summer, clean freezer).
I'll see in about six months whether this has worked or not. Expect another riveting update around that time ;). Now back to my computer game addiction, hopefully I'll shake it off in time to finish my first squad of flying Dwarves around the time of the next update.

Yes I should be painting, but look at this!

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