Monday, January 22, 2018

In steps another Wight King

Somehow I actually found some time to sit down and paint this weekend. I squandered rather a lot of it on stripping paint of some ancient Harlequins. The bit that remained was divided between agonizing over a color scheme for my Kharadron Overlords (Barak-Ziflin, I'm going with I?) and actual painting. I decided to grab a couple of individual miniatures to plaster paint on try this glazing thing I hear so much about. The first one, a classic Dark Eldar Archon, is not finished yet. The other one is this Wight King who has been waiting rather patiently for a coat of paint for years now.

This king is so bad, even the grass dies in his presence. 
It is absolutely invisible on the pictures but I actually used two rather different coats of paint on the base layer of his robes. The first a purplish blue (Vallejo Imperial Blue) and the second a green tone (I've forgotten which one) thinned down with Flow Improver. I higlighted the edges by adding a bit of Wolf Grey to the Imperial Blue. The shield was painted separately and a (Google: simple skull tattoo) inspired freehand was applied. I got carried away and failed to center that one properly. I'll blame some faceless undead minions for that one....

Lesson learned: Spraying different colors on someone's robes looks interesting while airbrushing, but does not always translate to a visible effect on the finished model.
I wanted the armour to look dark, so I added black to my usual leadbelcher. Before highlighting/drybrushing I washed a bit of blue and yellow around interesting bits. I finished up the model by taking a black wash (Nuln Oil) to recesses. I painted a red orb at the end of the sword to give the model a bit of a break from all the black and blue. I added some GW Spiritstone Red to it, but the Vallejo Polyurethane Satin Varnish destroyed that effect. On the plus side this stopped paint chipping of the metal.

Not pictured: me painting and repainting that damned small skull sticking out beneath a sea of helmet.
The model looks slightly better in real life (I should get a better photography studio then 'outside' I guess). All in all I'm quite satisfied to add another Wight King to the ranks of my undead horde. I especially like the bird helmet this guy is wearing. I'm actively assuming it does all the talking for the two. Scenario: Enemy walks up to the Wight King. Bird turns out to be surprisingly eloquent. As eyebrows are raised, the Wight King's sword comes down. And another zombie is raised a turn later....queue a cackling helmet-bird. For the near future: A Dark Eldar Archon, some terrain and a lot of flying Dwarves in IKEA colors (for now....).

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