Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Miniature painting for toddlers

Recently I have given in to my son's continued pleas to paint one of 'daddy's figures'. I was in doubt when to start indoctrinating introducing him to the hobby. I thought I'd wait until he was around five. Then a good friend from the local hobby club told me his (almost) three year old daughter started her first foray into the hobby. I couldn't resist handing my son a (very cheap) brush, an abandoned Space Marine and a choice of colors. This is the result.

When to get started on the painting and gaming hobby? As soon as you're able to hold a brush!

Right now he calls out the color (or points). I open (and hold!) the paintpot and he sticks his brush in, preferably until the paint covers ferule and handle (hands, face...). His specialty is painting the bottom of bases, something dad for some reason always forgets. The nicest thing is seeing the look of utter concentration as he paints.

Now that is exactly the required amount of concentration to get optimal painting results.

At some point I may have to introduce him to the whole 'two thin coats' theory. But for now he has been dropping by in the hobby room for paint sessions between ten and thirty minutes. If this goes on I may have to start painting my classic Heroquest set a bit earlier then expected. I couldn't think of a more proper introduction then that for the future.

The Rainbow Warriors have nothing on this guy.
In the meantime I keep finding this treasured miniature in different places in the house. I suspect it gets carried along wherever he goes. All in all, I think miniature painting for toddlers is an excellent idea (and I'm very glad we have non-poisonous acrylics in stead of enamel paints these days). Sorry for the rambling about kids, but I think every blogger should get a free pass to do that once in a while ;)


  1. I've slowly been introducing bits of modeeling in our activities, bit of sculpture, bit of scenery and a battlemasters orc this year with my daughter. I think my son is going to be even more into it by the looks of it. ^^

  2. Excellent!!!! If you want a game and paint partner, you are in the right way. Kids always love to do things with their dad. I painted the classic Heroquest minis along with my kids, and it was an inmensely rewarding task.

    1. I never considered painting the mini's together with him when he gets old enough, I'll have to think about that because it sounds like an excellent idea.