Monday, November 19, 2018

Skaven Moulder Packmaster

As (hobby wise) I have been a bit pre-occupied with computer games lately, I did not get a chance to practice my painting skills. This weekend I suffered through the lousy ending of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and found myself with the time to start painting again, but where to start? A while back I was lucky enough to get some free left over miniatures from a friend at the local gaming club. One of them was this Skaven Packmaster from Clan Moulder.

That way!

I decided to put a brush to this model because I already painted one of these a bit over 25 years ago. Now there is a chance to see how I progressed as a painter and at the same time dab another coveted red spot on my Wargame Bingo Card. Yes I have not forgotten this one :)

No, that way!
I picked an easy Khorne Red scheme for the robes of the Skaven and picked browns for almost everything else. While painting I decided not to add my usual rust effect to his armor. I like the way the silver contrasts with the rest of the model. I think its quite interesting that these older Skaven seem to have much more fur and I went for a bit of Skavenblight Dinge to give this leader of rats a proper look. Now for the comparrisson to my older model.

That way? 

This one has been rebased a while back to fit in with the rounded Age of Sigmar look. I think I can safely conclude that I've made a bit of progress as a painter over the years. Although I have to smile at the yellow color on his limbs and head, I suspect I just washed the old Chestnut Ink over it and concluded it was a proper furry look.

Or was it that way???? I'm confused now.
The metallic green green pouches are a nice reminder as to when this model was painted. I remember picking up the Metallic Paint Set back then and being a bit too enamoured with the metallic green paint in it. I think its on almost every single model I painted back in the day. That said, let's dab 'Paint a new version of one of your old character models' off the bingo card.

I've got a new dot on my bingo card!
While I'm rambling, let's have a quick look at the to-do list this bingo card provides. I will most likely not be making a simple 4x4 battlefield (I already own a Realm of Battle Board) and the same goes for a 2x2 board with integrated terrain (although maybe...). The 'scenic bases' and 're-painting a pre-painted model' boxes from the second row are also most likely out. Which leaves me with...hey wait a minute!

That's better.

I painted a classic Verminlord earlier this year, that counts as a monster. As to the rest of these boxes four of these are already in stages of progress on my desk, I should be able to get close before new year. Only the vehicle...oh dang, I painted Grom the Paunch and forgot to place a dot. Problem solved. Now the only two confounding me are the scenery kit, although I have something lying around and 'Paint a model or unit in a color scheme you don't normally use'. I try to do something new with every army I paint so I think I'm going to sneakily dot that one off next time as I score it by default. Now here is the final version of my Wargame Bingo Card as it stands, that's already an actual bingo right there. Now to increase the score (no I am not quite versed in the mystic rules of Bingo ;).


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