Thursday, January 26, 2023

A cheeky Skaven Warlord pops by

I did not just mess around with my 3D-printer this week, I also found time to build and paint. This Skaven Clawlord for instance. I got him as part of a small second hand Skaven lot. As I took his old coat of paint off, I discovered his head had been replaced with a plastic variant. No problem if you ask me, this face suits him well enough.

Now for something different: the front door to Maisontaal abbey.

As this was a quick pick-me-up model I just jotted on some colors I felt like. The almost pink loincloth started out as Scalecolor Antares Red mixed with VMA Stonewall Grey. I had the most fun painting his fur (although I'm also hard at work, getting the hang of painting lower eyelids). I started by painting the fur white and then put on a coat of Dark Templar contrast paint over it. I then added highlights by mixing the contrast paint with white. I think it works quite well.

The joke was on the Skaven in the end when it turned out there was nothing to inherit.

The swords I did on autopilot, starting out with brushed on Caliban Green and airbrushing Escorpena Green and Livery Green (VGA) on top. I followed up with white 'lightning bolts' and covered the lot wit a bit of Green Fluo paint to make it pack that warpstone punch. I also decided to take advantage of my new backdrop to take af few 'outside of Maisontaal shots. I'm considering building Maisontaal again. I've learned a lot since I build this model and it is a fun setting for pictures. Then again, why do the same thing twice when there's new stuff to explore (says the person that buys models with the express purpose of painting them again)? 

Diehard Miniatures makes metal undead with that proper old-school vibe.

As an aside. My favorite independent studio, Diehard Miniatures, started a Kickstarter earlier this week to add more undead to their line. I think their work is well worth it. The picture above is a full unit of skeletons by them. Despite the fact that I've not gotten around to properly start on the miniatures I received from their previous Kickstarter (I will get to that soon), I had to get in on this one too. More cool models to paint around August! Can't wait. In case you missed the Kickstarter and want to join in, here's the page for it: The Battle For Black Mere! Undead Faction.


  1. Would not have known the skaven was sewn together by deranged moulder artisans, I like it!
    Maisontaal 2023, bigger, better, run down ruin. Hrm.. it does sound tempting.

    1. Cheer, although you've made my Moulder artisans cry. They'll have you know their oversized stitchwork comes with a 'shows from the opposite side of the battlefield guarantee'. Touchy rats, those Moulder rats ;)

      As to Maisontaal, I'll guess a quick check if I still have a bit of foamboard in stock is in order. Just a check, I'll not be building it right now....